Sber financing construction of Russia’s greenest building

Apr 06, 2021

Sberbank has extended a line of credit to the developer Brusnika for the construction of an urban villa project in Tyumen’s European Quarter. The project won a prize in the Homes – Design Stage Award category at the prestigious International BREEAM Awards 2021. The RUB 705 mn line of credit has been provided until the end of 2023.

Sber’s environmental agenda is part of its broader ESG strategy. We are transitioning to green technologies ourselves and actively financing green projects in a wide variety of sectors of the economy. Construction is one of them. A facility’s compliance with contemporary environmental standards plays a large part in the decision of whether to provide a loan for its construction. The building in Tyumen is the first real estate property in Russia to receive a prize at the International BREEAM Awards. I am certain that many of the unique solutions to be applied in this building will over time become widespread in housing construction.

Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

BREEAM is one of the most authoritative international sets of environmental standards in real estate. It does not focus on one particular thing, e.g., the efficiency of energy or heat consumption. BREEAM experts comprehensively evaluate how a building consumes water, the environmental characteristics of the materials used, how it treats waste, etc. The buildings are analyzed at the design, post-construction, and in-use stages.

The European Quarter urban villa project received a BREEAM Excellent certificate in August 2020.

In construction, despite the sector’s conservative nature, discussions about the trend for eco-friendliness, safety and security have been long under way. Brusnika’s engineers have started to investigate the use of sustainable technologies in urban apartment buildings. They researched building heat flows and energy modeling, as well as carrying out environmental, acoustic, and transport studies. Based on the results, the following technical solutions were selected for the urban villa project: solar panels, apartment and building automation, motion sensors in communal areas, supply and exhaust units with recuperators for each apartment, among others. In combination they are aimed at reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, improving quality of life, and protecting the environment. Brusnika will continue to apply some of these solutions to future projects. We are pleased that the work we have accomplished has been highly commended as part of an international independent assessment. We believe this will encourage our developer colleagues to research this issue more actively and incorporate sustainable technologies into their own projects.

Alexander Shchigol

COO, Brusnika

The urban villa project contains a number of forward-thinking engineering solutions: an energy-efficient building envelope that neutralizes cold bridges, supply and exhaust units with heat recovery, a smart home system, and solar panels.