Sber bot at 900 learns new skills

Mar 03, 2021

Every month, the voice bot being used by Sber’s customer care center acquires new skills to serve customers quicker and make interaction more user-friendly.

For instance, the bot has learnt to understand that a customer received money from the Pension Fund of Russia and inform the customer about that without waiting for an inquiry. In less than a month after launch, the option has been used by over 50,000 customers.

The bot has also learnt how to inform customers about being charged for subscriptions to third-party services and the size of subscription fees. Upon calling the customer care center, clients learn about subscription charges right away and get recommendations on what to do next, depending on whether or not they are aware of the subscription.

The voice bot currently handles 65% of the inquiries that Sber’s customer care center receives. These are the most frequently asked and simplest questions. For instance, you don’t need to wait for a human operator to learn your card and savings account balance because the bot will tell you that right away. We train the bot in the most popular inquiries, letting people deal with the most challenging and rare issues.

Elena Levina

Director of Client Care, Sberbank

As of now, Sber’s voice bot has 280+ scenarios and skills across an array of products. Their number keeps growing.