Sberbank and SberCloud launch Russia’s fastest supercomputer

Dec 16, 2019
  • Russia’s fastest supercomputer put into commercial operations
  • Christofari is Russia’s first supercomputer created to work with AI and available via cloud
  • Under special promo terms clients can use Christofari for RUB100


December 16, 2019, Moscow — Sberbank and its SberCloud subsidiary have put the Christofari supercomputer into commercial operations, making it available to the company’s corporate customers on December 12, 2019. Under the promo running until June 12, 2020 called “100 Rubles for 100 Minutes at Christofari’s Full Capacity for Model Training”, customers can use the supercomputer for 100 minutes to process up to 10 GB of their data for a nominal fee.

David Rafalovsky, CTO of Sberbank Group, Executive Vice President, Head of the Technology Block,

“We believe our mission is to make supercomputing and development of AI-based solutions available to any company, no matter the size, industry, or location. Only the largest corporations were able to use tech like that, but now any startup or a small business can do that with the Christofari. The ‘100 Rubles for 100 Minutes at Christofari’s Full Capacity for Model Training’ promo will let us show our customers how simple it has become to use supercomputing capacity and start training AI models.”

In order to take part in the promo customers are required to register on SberCloud, add the AI Cloud service, confirm their participation, and add RUB 100 to their account.

Additionally, companies that took part in the AI Journey conference in Moscow, where the Christofari supercomputer was presented on November 8, 2019, can get a RUB10,000 certificate to use two SberCloud services, Virtual Data Center and Veeam Backup. The promo campaign is running until January 31, 2020.

The Christofari supercomputer was designed by Sberbank and SberCloud together with NVIDIA. It is based on NVIDIA DGX-2 high performance nodes featuring Tesla V100 computing accelerators. According to the LINPACK benchmarks, the supercomputer’s Rmax value reached 6.7 PFLOPs, measuring a peak of 8.8 PFLOPs.

The Christofari is the fastest supercomputer in Russia also ranking 29th on the global TOP500 list ( It is available to corporate customers from the company’s cloud, SberCloud, which makes it unique among the world’s fastest supercomputers.

The Christofari is the only Russian supercomputer that was created to work with AI algorithms specifically. Its capacity lets stakeholders train models based on complicated neural networks in record time.

The supercomputer can be used by research, commercial, and government organizations operating in various sectors of the economy, such as oil and gas, power industry, heavy industry, healthcare, telecommunications, retail, finance, etc.