First economics hackathon held with Sber support over

Nov 30, 2021

The first economics hackathon called The Green Economy, which was held over the past two months, has ended. Its mission is to create a platform that brings together youth, business and the government to work together on the digital economy. The project enjoyed the support of the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, Sberbank, and other businesses.

The organizers received a total of over 750 applications and selected 66 best applicants for further participation. In the final, the teams presented their concepts of developing digital economy regulation in 11 fields to the experts. The key project topics were entrepreneurship in the digital age, sharing economy, business ecosystems, biotechnology, AI, remote work, blogging and new media, and more. Throughout the hackathon, the teams were accompanied by mentors from the research community, business and government agencies. This format of joint work enabled each team to elaborate their topics, come up with comprehensive solutions, and lay the groundwork for work group discussions in top universities.

Sergey Savelyev, project director of the Sber Strategy Development and Implementation Departmentx, was a mentor for one of the teams, which developed proposals for the regulation of ecosystems in the Russian Federation after analyzing the applicability of international practices. After that, the team prepared a report with its analysis and key outcomes and proposals for the development of ecosystem regulation.