Herman Gref presents SberPrime+ subscription, a new flagship product

Apr 08, 2021

Sber is launching SberPrime+, a flagship subscription with the key financial offerings, including free unlimited remittances, SberCard Prime with good deals, and the ecosystem’s most popular services, CEO and Chairman of the Sberbank Executive Board Herman Gref said at a press conference.

Subscriptions are a relevant and product sought after by clients worldwide, delivering great deals and seamless customer experience across the most popular services. A universal subscription to services costs you less than individual subscriptions to each product put together. For instance, with SberPrime+ you can save about five thousand rubles a month. Our all-new subscription is among the most comprehensive and multifunctional ones in the world, offering some of the best bargains and including the delivery of food, groceries, and pharmaceuticals, an online cinema, ride-hailing services, cloud storage, mobile communications, and a music streaming service. And of course, we are the only ecosystem with a bank at the core, so it was important for us to include only the best and worthwhile financial services.

Herman Gref
CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

SberPrime+ subscription costs RUB 399 a month letting you save some RUB 5,000 monthly. This offering combines Sber’s most popular financial and non-financial services.

The subscription includes SberCard Prime, which really pays, and special terms on Sber ecosystem’s non-financial services.

SberCard Prime and non-financial services:

—  increased SberSpasibo reward points (10% at all gas stations, 5% in all cafés, restaurants, and for taxi rides, 10% for Citymobil rides, 5% at SberMarket);

—   cash withdrawals with no fees at all ATMs worldwide

—   unlimited and free remittances throughout Russia

—   great exchange rates.

Non-financial services:

—   Optimum Okko subscription (80,000 movies)

—   SberSound’s entire media library (40 million songs)

—   a free SberMobile plan (150 minutes + 3GB of data)

—   10% off food deliveries at Delivery Club

—   7% off groceries at Samokat (15-minute deliveries)

—   10% off all Citymobil rides

—   free deliveries of groceries and special prices at SberMarket

—   free deliveries of pharmaceuticals at SBER EAPTEKA

—   SberDisk cloud storage (30GB + a discount on extra gigabytes).

You can buy a subscription via the SberBank Online app. After doing that, access the Sber offerings on the subscription list by using your Sber ID – every Sber customer has one, and it’s associated with their cell phone number. This will apply all SberPrime+ terms automatically.

Starting May 1, the free SberCard will also be added to the basic SberPrime subscription for RUB 199.