Russians buy more fast food – Sberbank, OFD Platform, Delivery Club say

Nov 29, 2019
  • 10M19 fast food AOV reaches RUB240
  • It’s 2% more y-o-y, with sales up 4%
  • Coffee, tea, pastry, burgers and pancakes most popular fast food items among Russians
  • Penza Region and Tambov Region have highest fast food AOVs
  • AOVs on Delivery Club platform three times higher averaging RUB738

November 29, 2019, Moscow — Sberbank, the IT company OFD Platform, and Delivery Club have analyzed how much fast food Russians eat.

OFD Platform analysts compared the sales figures of fast food joints in 10M19 and 10M18.

It turned out that the average order value at fast food joints added 2% y-o-y in Jan-Oct, to reach RUB240 per visit.

Russians’ total spending at fast food restaurants soared 4% y-o-y.

Penza Region, Tambov Region, Ulyanovsk Region, Moscow and Primorye Territory saw the highest fast food AOV value, standing at RUB350+.

Coffee, tea, pastry, baked products with sausage and meat – like sandwiches, pies, hot dogs, etc. – burgers and pancakes were the most popular items among the customers of fast food joints.

Delivery Club service analysts also spotted higher interest in fast food and identified three market segments: universal fast food restaurants that don’t have specialties, pizza places, and burger joints. Delivery Club AOVs are higher than those of fiscal operators, which can be explained by the psychology of buyers. When ordering takeout with an app they usually place an order for several people or choose more items than a customer who comes to a fast food place to buy a coffee or French fries.

The 10M19 average order value at burger joints delivered by Delivery Club reached RUB1,043 (+7% y-o-y); at pizza places it stood at RUB1,052 (+5.6%); at universal fast food restaurants it totaled RUB738 (+2.3%).

Food items analysis proved that burgers are the most popular item Russians order as takeout. Ranking second are Philadelphia rolls, followed by fries.