SberBank Online cybersecurity services prevent 27,000 phishing websites

Jul 19, 2021

The cybersecurity services built into the SberBank Online mobile app are increasingly popular, currently being used by 25 million bank clients. The intuitive and accessible interface helps SberBank Online users quickly and easily select the optimal security configuration and protect themselves from scammers.

The incoming call check service warns clients that an incoming call may be from scammers. The blacklist counts over 700,000 phone numbers and is updated on a daily basis.

Users facilitate the continuous development of the service. They can submit a special Report a Scam form with the phone number used by the criminals or the scam website address to SberBank’s security service. As many as 1.5 million people have already used this feature, which has led to RUB 400 mn in fraud being prevented and 27,000 phishing websites being blocked.

The Check Phone and Mail service lets you see if your data had been obtained by scammers. If you have experienced a leak, you should change the password to your email, social media accounts, and financial services. As many as 4.5 million checks have been made thus far.

App Management shows you the devices with access to SberBank Online, when a smartphone or tablet was added to the list of app devices, and the last log-in time. A device can be removed any moment if you suspect it has been accessed by a third-party or you have lost the gadget.

Card and Account Access Denial is a one-stop service letting you limit the access to all your products when you suspect a fraud attempt.

Yet another vital service is Online Spending Cap. From now on, you can limit the size of online purchases made with a specific bank card, either making all of them unavailable or choosing those that don’t require a one-time password. However, you can still use the card with offline retailers.

SberBank Online users can also change the daily cap on payments and remittances (set at RUB 1 mn by default), hide their cards and accounts in the app, add log-in confirmation when using the website (additional authentication by SMS code or by login/password), and subscribe to Beware! Scammers! to stay posted on the scams fraudsters use.

Sberbank clients can also access a wide range of tutorials and guides – both videos and articles – describing the scams and giving you some simple tips that will save you from losing your money to scammers. There are also tests to help you reinforce the material.

SberBank Online’s cybersecurity services have recently won prestigious Global Infosec Awards in the Security Project of the Year category.

You can set all the parameters up and study financial security basics in the Security section.

Our clients being able to customize the SberBank Online app on their own and choose the most useful cybersecurity services in a couple of clicks, thus enjoying effective protection against scams, are imperative for us. Naturally, customer awareness is key to combating fraud. We let our clients test their cybersecurity knowledge any time they want. In the Don’t Fall for a Scam section of our channel called Beware! Scammers! we explain how scams work in detail and how not to fall for the tricks of cybercriminals. These measures increase the vigilance and awareness of our clients. When coupled with the work of law enforcement agencies and legislative initiatives proposed by Sberbank, this reduces the scale of cyber fraud significantly.

Sergey Lebed

Vice President, Director, Cybersecurity Department, Sberbank