Every fifth Russian seeks to make money blogging after retirement

Dec 15, 2020

After retiring, as much as 18% of Russians would like to become bloggers to share useful advice, talk about their hobbies, travel, and everyday life. Sixty-five percent of them expect that the blog will bring them not only pleasure but also generate substantial income, NPF of Sberbank and the Rambler portal have found out after interviewing almost 4,500 people across the country.

Working Russians usually have no time for blogging:

· are very active bloggers (6%)

· do that sporadically (6%)

· rarely post anything (17%)

· don’t have a blog (71%).

After retiring, the respondents are usually set to:

· share useful advice (19%)

· talk about travel (17%)

· talk about hobbies (17%)

· talk about their routine (12%)

· reminisce about their youth (8%);

· talk about health (7%).

The most popular blogging platforms after retirement:

· YouTube (33%)

· TikTok (17%)

· Instagram (17%)

· Zen.Yandex (11%)

· Facebook, Telegram, VKontakte (5% or less, each).

Being a blogger after retiring, Russians:

· are set to make a lot (41%)

· expect to have income in addition to their pension (24%)

· doubt they’ll be making money blogging, but don’t mind monetizing this (24%)

· don’t expect to make money blogging (11%).

According to the survey, as much as 41% of Russians believe that their only source of income after retirement will be the state pension, 33% also count on their savings, and 8% expect help from adult children. At the same time, 18% of the respondents are sure that blogging will be their main source of income. Many people dream of monetizing their hobby these days, but a blog can hardly become a full-fledged and only source of income after retirement. Therefore, it is better to think about life after 60 and start making savings 20-30 years before the end of your career. If you deposit only 2-4% of your salary into an individual pension plan from the age of 30, then you can maintain 80-100% of your income after retirement.

Alexander Zaretsky

CEO, NPF of Sberbank