“Mom, please buy this!” SberIndex.ru and Rambler.ru learn how much Russians spend on toys ahead of Sept 1

Aug 25, 2020

Between March and mid-August 2020, analysts from Sberbank’s SberIndex.ru registered three days when sales of kids toys spiked. According to the SberIndex survey on Rambler.ru, as much as 11% of Russians buy toys priced over RUB5,000.

During the lockdown, spending on kids toys plummeted by almost 60% from 1Q20 and rebounded in the middle of May, SberIndex.ru analysts say.

Businesses, however, suffered an even heavier blow. As of early April, only every fourth toy store operated; by mid-August their number was still 6% lower compared to 1Q.

Traditionally, the “toy demand” climaxed on June 1, which is Children’s Day, to skyrocket by almost 70%, and AOV being 10% higher. Due to the government’s stimulus checks, sales stood 24% above expectations in June–July.

Moreover, the stimulus checks fueled the second purchasing spike on July 1. There were probably two reasons behind this: one more stimulus check worth RUB10,000 and the national voting day when parents would take their children to ballot stations and buy them presents at the stations or stores along the way. This assumption may be right given that the upsurges were more evident in regions of Russia, rather than in Moscow or Nizhny Novgorod Region that allowed absentee ballots.

SberIndex analysts also highlighted a spending upsurge around August 15, which is hard to explain by citing a certain reason. However, the Russian spending tracker for August 10–16, 2020, had already recorded a spending increase from a week before that (August 2–9). One might assume that spending on kids, toys inclusive, will be climbing ahead of September 1 when schools, kindergartens, and afterschool facilities reopen their doors.

The SberIndex survey held on Rambler.ru on August 17–20 also showed that 22% of respondents buy toys for their children once a week, 23% do that once a month, while 26% do this ahead of major holidays only, with 11% of the respondents spending over RUB5,000 per child and 26% spending under RUB500.

The presents parents buy include dolls, cars, stuffed animals, and playsets (34% of the respondents), electronic toys and gadgets (20%), construction sets, board games, creative sets and DIY kits (24%).

More details in our tracker.

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