Purchases migrating online. SberIndex.ru finds out what Russians pay for more often online

Aug 17, 2020

The most popular online payments among Russians are those for cab rides. Less often, they pay for the groceries they buy at corner stores. The reason for that is obvious: such points of sale, except for a few, don’t deliver, while cabs can hardly be imagined without ride-hailing online apps. The SberIndex.ru analytical website has named some other products and services with the highest and lowest proportion of online purchases in the first half of August.

Between August 3 and 9, Russians paid for nearly all of their cab rides (97%); digital products like mobile apps, games, etc. (97.4%); computers and software (95.2%); plane tickets and telecommunication services (93.9% each) online. Entertainment expenses were also incurred online (66%).

Over the same week, gas/automotive service stations (1.2%), healthcare services (1.8%), jewelry (2.2%), stationery (3.2%), and beauty parlor services were very rarely paid for online.

The overall share of online purchases over the period accounted for 15.9% of all spending in Russia; services accounted for 32.5%.

Categories of products and services with the highest proportion of online sales

Taxi: 97.0%

Digital products: 97.4%

Computers and software: 95.2%

Airline tickets: 93.9%

Telecom services: 93.9%

Entertainment: 66.0%

Books, music, photos and videos: 58.7%

Travel agencies: 58.9%

Toll: 53.7%

Contractor services: 35.1%

Share of online payments Aug 3–9         Share of online payments Jul 27 to Aug 2

Categories of products and services with the lowest proportion of online sales

Parking lots and garages: 5.7%

Pets: 5.0%

Hobbies: 5.0%

Building and home improvement supplies: 4.8%

Beauty parlors: 3.2%

Stationery: 3.2%

Jewelry: 2.2%

Healthcare services: 1.8%

Gas/automotive service stations: 1.2%

Grocery stores: 1.0%

Share of online payments Aug 3–9         Share of online payments Jul 27 to Aug 2

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