First SBER EAPTEKA hub opens up in Belgorod

Apr 08, 2021

SBER EAPTEKA, one of Russia’s largest online pharmacies, has opened its first hub in Belgorod, offering 12,000 pharmaceuticals and health products that can be delivered to your home if you live in Belgorod Region.

The hub inauguration welcomed the following dignitaries: acting governor of Belgorod Region Vyacheslav Gladkov; first deputy governor of Belgorod Region and head of Digital Development Department of Belgorod Region Evgeniy Miroshnikov; Head of Belgorod Region’s Health Department Andrei Ikonnikov; Deputy Chairman of the Sberbank Executive Board Olga Golodets; Chair of Sberbank’s Tsentralno-Chenozyomny Bank Nataliya Tsaitler; Head of Sberbank’s Belgorod chapter Yevgeny Polivayev; and SBER EAPTEKA founder and CEO Anton Buzdalin.

Thanks to SBER EAPTEKA, Belgorod inhabitants will have access to a wide range of pharmaceuticals, including some rare ones that they used to have to order from other parts of Russia.

The opening of SBER EAPTEKA in Belgorod is part of the company’s development strategy in Russian regions. In early 2021, the first hubs were opened in Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Ulyanovsk, and Rostov-on-Don, while in 2020 SBER EAPTEKA entered the markets in Oryol, Ufa, Kazan, and Yoshkar-Ola.

The brand-new SBER EAPTEKA has 12,000+ items, with plans to raise this number to 20,000. Apart from medicine and vitamins, there’s a wide range of beauty and health products, hygiene items, and medical equipment. The company offers free deliveries. You can have any products delivered to your home, except for prescription drugs. Drugs containing alcohol and prescription drugs can be bought offline, or ordered online and picked up at SBER EAPTEKA or any of the partner pharmacies. First orders that you place on the website or via the app come with a RUB 300 discount if the APP300 promo code is applied and you buy more than RUB 1,499 worth of goods.

SBER EAPTEKA started its operations in Belgorod with a promo campaign by supporting the local branch of Rossiysky Detsky Fond and providing charges of the Child’s Diabetes program with pharmaceuticals and medical products.

Digital technology development is the need of our age and we see that by their popularity in healthcare and other industries. There are ample digital technologies already being applied in Belgorod Region. Shortly, its inhabitants will have a chance to take advantage of the best and brand-new offerings of the Sber ecosystem’s healthcare industry companies. Designed to enhance the quality of medical services, the comprehensive solutions include the services that have been tested in other parts of Russia. The opening of SBER EAPTEKAs increases the range of products and availability of pharmaceuticals in the region dramatically while letting people access high-quality drugs in the shortest possible time.

Olga Golodets

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

The opening of an online pharmaceutical service is a breakthrough. The pandemic is still out there and the demand to ensure the safety of people, especially older ones, is high, along with the intention to get people the drugs they need fast and maintaining the high-quality of service. Price is also vital, and here it’s 30% less on average. And, naturally, there’s the matter of quality, which is guaranteed. The digital future is already here. We must cut costs quickly and significantly while increasing the number of e-services on offer. This needs to be done across all industries – from pharmaceuticals to utility services, education, and agriculture. Our mission is to make the adoption of digital technology gradual and natural to cover all activities of Belgorod Region.

Vyacheslav Gladkov

Acting governor, Belgorod Region

SBER EAPTEKA is going to expand its presence in Belgorod and Belgorod Region actively. Delivery of medicines and health products is a relevant service that helps people improve the quality of life and take care of their health and the health of their loved ones. Thanks to SBER EAPTEKA, the inhabitants of the region will be able to order high-quality medicines and health products from tried-and-true suppliers. We guarantee the high quality of service and strict compliance with the rules regarding the storage and conditions for the delivery of goods. This includes cold chain drugs. Down the road, as new hubs get opened and we establish ties with partner pharmacies, the ordering and buying of medicines in Belgorod and the region will become even easier, and with a wider range, we will offer local residents an even wider choice of health products.

Anton Buzdalin


The pharmacy/hub in Belgorod is located at 48A, Gubkina St., a lively part of town, with public transport and a city hospital nearby. The floor area of the hub is 514.9 m2, of which 310 m2 are allocated for the inventory and 43 m2 for the pharmacy. The hub is designed to process some 600 orders a day. The staff of 30 people includes six pickers, four couriers, a manager, and two pharmacists. As the number of orders goes up, more people may be hired. The couriers use personal vehicles; when the weather is warm, they will also deliver orders by foot and on scooters.