Sber launching Thank You for Wearing Mask campaign

Oct 12, 2020

Starting from October 12, Sber is launching the Thank You for Wearing Mask campaign. Its goal is to reward customers who take care of their health, the health of others and wear masks in public.

During the Thank You for Wearing Mask campaign, each customer who wears a mask at the bank's branch will receive a special promotional code with a discount on several services of the Sber ecosystem at once.

In particular, you can receive:

  • 15% discount on five taxi orders for new users at Citymobil
  • 15% discounts on Pharm Insurance and Home Protection+ insurance products at Sberbank Insurance
  • 90-day free use of the SberZvuk service
  • A free online consultation with a therapist on the SberHealth telemedicine platform
  • 300 reward points when signing in to the Local Kitchen food delivery service
  • The Optimum subscription to Okko for only RUB 1 for 45 days
  • 10% discount on any order from restaurants via Delivery Club
  • RUB 200 discount for current and new customers at the Samokat service for orders over RUB 800
  • One free delivery at SberMarket.

Sergey Maltsev, Senior Vice President and Head of Sales Network, Sberbank:

“We are grateful to all customers who come to our branches wearing masks. They take care of everyone around them, including our employees, besides themselves. Such a conscious attitude to the current epidemiological situation enables us to ensure the smooth operation of our branches and safe high-quality customer service.”

In April this year, Sber developed and distributed information materials on the importance of wearing masks in public at its branches.

Today, as the number of COVID-19 cases is rising again, Sber decided to strengthen its work to inform the population and further stimulate its customers to take care of their health and the health of others.

The Thank You for Wearing Mask campaign is held at all branches of the bank in all Russian regions. You can find more details at