Sber and MTS Bank launch instant transfers to SberBank cards by phone number

Jul 14, 2021

SberBank and MTS Bank have launched a service on the MTS Bank mobile app enabling instant transfers to SberBank client cards using phone numbers. Clients are now able to send funds from MTS cards to SberBank clients, including those who are not connected to the Faster Payments System (FPS).

In order to send a transfer, access the Payments section and select Payment by Phone Number. The minimum amount is RUB 10 and the maximum is RUB 600,000. The transaction fee is 1.5%.

SberBank provides its clients with as many opportunities as possible and is constantly expanding the list of offers clients have to choose from, presenting various tools and services. Through our collaboration with MTS Bank, our clients now have yet another quick and simple way to receive funds on their cards. Sber values this partnership and is working to develop the financial service infrastructure for all participants on the banking market.

Leonid Shnyr

Director of Payments and Transfers, Sberbank

We are developing instant transfers by phone number in the framework of our Daily Banking strategy. MTS Bank mobile app users are able to pay for goods and services and make payments and transfers, e.g., through FPS and international processors. In the future we will make it possible to send funds by phone number to CIS countries using various payment tools: cards issued by any bank and customer accounts with mobile operators. Together with SberBank, we decided to join our customer journeys. The result of our integration was this service ensuring that clients do not have to worry about whether the recipient is connected to FPS or has an account with a specific bank when sending funds by phone number.

Vladimir Stasevich

Head of Daily Banking, MTS Bank

Previously in the framework of their partnership for the development of instant transfer systems, Sber and MTS Bank launched transfers by phone number at MTS Bank self-service terminals and MTS stores.