Unique SberBox smart streamer for any TV with HDMI ports: video, music, games, and even hairdresser appointments

Sep 24, 2020

Sber has unveiled an innovative device, a multimedia set-top box / media player called the SberBox, which comes with a family of Salute virtual assistants and voice control. The SberBox morphs any TV into an entertainment center, giving its users unlimited capabilities to organize their leisure time and deal with everyday routine.

The SberBox lets you watch a raft of TV channels, feature films, series, and videos. You can also listen to music in great quality, play games on a big screen and delegate your routine to a virtual assistant with voice control. 


  • simplicity: you only need a TV-set with an HDMI port and Wi-Fi, and a smartphone with the SberSalute app. The device can be set up in five minutes following a detailed instruction on the screen of your TV
  • compact design: the set-top box only weighs 62 grams
  • availability: available for pre-order from September 24 on sber.ru/box
  • price: RUB2,990.

Box specs:

  • high-performance Amlogic S905Y2 processor
  • 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM
  • compatible with modern content standards (Ultra HD 4К and Dolby Digital Plus).


Dozens of thousands of feature films, series, and educational pieces are available with the Okko online cinema, depending on your subscription plan. Get a free Optimum subscription (50,000 movies and series) for a month as a gift.

Some movies support the video shopping function: if you like someone’s outfit, you can find it or something similar to it in partners’ outlets. At online stores of the project’s partners you can also buy merchandise from your favorite movies without being distracted.

More than 185 digital TV channels from Smotreshka TV service are available out-of-the-box. Get the Silver plan for a month as a gift. It can be prolonged or expanded later, or you can use the free plan that includes 20 main TV channels of digital quality.


Access to music via SberZvuk partner offering, a recommender music streaming service customized to your mood. You can ‘like’ songs, so the service will later pick the songs you’ll like. As a gift, you’ll get a free one-month access to enjoy Zvuk’s 40 million high-quality songs you can listen to an unlimited number of times. Some songs support the show text mode when the song lyrics is displayed on the screen as the song plays. If the song is in English, a translation will come along with the original lyrics.


Popular mobile titles to be reborn on the big screen: puzzles, time killers, arcades, and sports simulators. Use a virtual gamepad via the SberSalute app on your smartphone as a controller. The streamer set includes two gamepads for mobile phones. The virtual gamepad is compatible with popular games, and their list will keep adding new titles. 


To put a movie or a song on, press the microphone button on the remote and say the title (you don’t need to hold the microphone button when saying your query). The SberBox knows Russian and English, can look for content pieces by name, singer, actor, director, and genre. You are free to choose any wording for your query. Voice can also be used to control the playback and switch channels.


The set-top box includes Salute family virtual assistants based on Sber’s natural language processing platform, which utilizes speech synthesis and recognition solutions, neural networks, and machine learning.

The Salute family features three unparalleled characters: cultured Sber, cheerful Joy, and pedantic Athena. Users are free to choose the character they’re comfortable with. The SberSalute app gives access to a Salute family virtual assistant not only via a SberBox, but on your smartphone as well. You’ll also find a virtual remote control for the SberBox and a virtual gamepad in the app. Furthermore, the app is used to register, control, synchronize, and pair smart devices by SberDevices with a Sber ID account, and to associate a card for future payments.