SberDisk by SberCloud, an all-new cloud storage for individuals

Sep 24, 2020

SberCloud, a Sber ecosystem company, is launching a new cloud storage for individual customers called SberDisk.

After registration, SberDisk users can upload 15 GB of any files to the cloud for free and access them through App Store and Google Play apps, as well as through the web interface. You can expand your storage space up to 100 GB or 1 TB for RUB83 or RUB249 a month, or by redeeming your SberSpasibo loyalty program reward points.

SberDisk users can:

  • save photos and videos from their smartphones and tablets automatically
  • give anyone, a person or a company, temporary or permanent access to their files and folders
  • set up synchronization and restore deleted files within 30 days.

With SberDisk, you can store and back up data, ensuring their safety in case of loss or damage to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. SberDisk also allows you to exchange any files quickly and can be used to store archives and data you rarely need.

SberCloud’s IT infrastructure, which ensures SberDisk operations, is located at a Tier 3 data center.

Yevgeny Kolbin, CEO, SberCloud:

“We’ve designed a simple to use, reliable, and secure cloud storage. SberDisk makes ecosystem services more user-friendly and convenient for individual customers while compatibility with Sber ID enables Sber ecosystem companies and its partners to integrate the storage into their products, complementing their offerings and maintaining confidentiality and security at the highest possible level. Our company has reliable IT infrastructure and stellar expertise in information security, which gets proved by regular audits and competency tests.”

The SberDisk cloud storage is a combination of 15 GB of free disk space, good prices, a high level of security and privacy, and compatibility with services and apps of the Sber ecosystem. Users can log in to SberDisk using Sber ID, a secure login account for the services Sber and its partners provide. SberDisk enables users to create a single space for convenient storage of files and documents related to all ecosystem services.

In offline mode, the SberDisk app lets you view stored data and content without Internet access through all devices with the installed app. Owners of iOS devices can scan documents from the app. The feature will be available for Android users in 4Q20.

SberDisk is part of the SberPrime single subscription that also includes access to the Okko online cinema, discounts on Delivery Club and Citymobil services, free grocery delivery at SberMarket, and other special terms and discounts. When taking out a single subscription, the user will get an additional 15 GB on SberDisk.

SberCloud (OOO Oblachnye Tekhnologii, or Cloud Technologies LLC) is Sber ecosystem’s cloud platform. The company offers a wide range of infrastructure and platform cloud solutions, as well as tools for working with Artificial Intelligence based on the Christofari supercomputer, which is the highest performance computer cluster in Russia. SberCloud’s IT platforms and services are at the core of the Sber digital ecosystem also being available to external customers, such as companies and governmental organizations.