SberCat, the most financially literate cat in the world, turns four!

Nov 29, 2021

Sber is celebrating the fourth birthday of its beloved character, the most financially literate cat in the world – SberCat.

It is hard to believe, but four years have flown by since our unspoken mascot took on the challenging task of teaching financial literacy in an easy and accessible way, without making the process a chore.

It all started with a community and chatbot on VKontakte, where SberCat made his first newsletter and published his first meme. Today, over 14 million users receive the SberCat newsletter and SberCat stickers are the most popular commercial stickers on the social network.

Over the past four years, our protagonist has developed a fan base and a whole universe of his own, which goes beyond the boundaries of a single social network. Now SberCat runs his own channel in the SberBank Online app. He has learned a couple of skills in the Salute virtual assistant solution, recorded a series of podcasts, and been immortalized as a monument in Nizhny Novgorod and on a collectible coin with his friends... and this is just the beginning.

Speaking of friends, SberCat has companions with whom he goes on adventures and expands his fan base: the like-minded Kusya and Ryk the dog.

To celebrate, Sber has declared this week SberCat Week. Support SberCat by sharing your favorite SberCat memes on social media with the hashtag #4YearsofSberCat, installing welcome screens and custom avatars in the SberBank Online app, listening to SberCat's playlists on SberSound on the road, or playing this game.

Do not forget to follow the SberCat chatbot on VKontakte so you do not miss a single surprise – he will like that.

Vladislav Kreynin, senior vice president, director of the Marketing and Communications Department, Sberbank:

“The secret behind SberCat's success is extremely simple: our character is outgoing, charming, wry, and impressively capable of talking about finance through memes and lifehacks, contradicting the myth that finance is boring. SberCat understands his audience like no other, is invested in their interests, and knows how to communicate with them. SberCat has a lot of plans when it comes to making his projects even bigger and more interesting, so subscribe, read, watch, and listen, because SberCat talks about money so clearly that even regular cats understand him.”