SberBank Online improves its user-friendliness further

Jul 23, 2021

The recent update of SberBank Online has brought several new functions that made the user-friendly banking app even better.

You can now hide an account balance in your Wallet, so the home screen won’t display how much money you have, and no one could see it. The setting is available through the menu button at the top side of the screen.

Mir cards can now be added to Apple Pay and SberPay. No matter your phone’s OS, you don’t have to have a plastic card with you anymore. Sber clients can pay with their phones in stores and when using public transport, or tap them to an ATM to withdraw money. On top of that, you can use apps and online stores without inputting your card data every time you need to pay.

You can choose what you find relevant in any channel of the Dialogues section and share it within a SberBank Online chat or send it via any messaging app.

The SberBank Online update is already available to users.

We make SberBank Online better and more convenient with every update, listening carefully to our clients’ requests. Like now, when we reintroduced the option of hiding your card balance on the home screen. The app is updated every three weeks, and soon we will make users happy with new developments, both functional and just pleasant ones.

Alexey Kruglov

Director of the Digital Platform Division, Sberbank