Contactless QR code payments by Sber now available to over 50k more entrepreneurs throughout Russia

Feb 25, 2021

Business owners using the Cashdesk Retail application by BIFIT Kassa now have access to QR code payments, a new type of cashless and contactless payments. The application includes Sberbank’s Pay with QR solution and supports more than 90 models of online cash registers.

Using the cash desk app, you can carry out all transactions complying with Federal Law 54-FZ: generate receipts with incoming and outgoing payments, document returns and corrections, work with labeling, EGAIS, online orders, agent goods, and a loyalty system, as well as accept all types of payments (advance payment, credit, full payments, prepayments) and a variety of payment methods. Thanks to the integration of Sber’s Pay with QR, businesses can now accept cashless payments via QR codes.

The graphic code can be displayed on the cash register screen or printed out and placed in the checkout area. The buyer just needs to point the smartphone camera at the QR code, scan it and confirm the transaction through the bank’s mobile application linked to Sberbank’s QR platform. The payment will be posted instantly. After the purchase, the client will see a notification about a successful payment in the bank’s app, and the seller will see it on the cash register screen.

QR code payments are optimal for customers and entrepreneurs, especially small and micro-sized businesses. Pay with QR allows you to accept non-cash payments quickly, and this can be done with minimal costs due to a reduced merchant acquiring rate (starting from 0.6%) and without installing any additional equipment. Both the client and the seller wins due to shorter service time, and there is no need to count the cash.

The upsides for the buyer include a receipt confirming the payment, SberSpasibo loyalty program reward points, a completely contactless payment procedure, and a secure service (no need to enter card details or PIN code).

You can use the Cashdesk Retail application paired with Sber’s Pay with QR in any business. The application works on tablets, smartphones, PCs, and more than 90 models of popular online cash registers on Android, Windows, and Linux platforms. Items can be created manually or downloaded from 1C and Excel. Using a web account, entrepreneurs can access business analytics and receipt history online.

Pay with QR by Sber has proved to enjoy demand among businesses of different sizes and industries. Due to simple integration and no need for additional equipment, the cashless payment service becomes available not only to large companies but to small and micro-sized businesses too. The new way to accept contactless and secure payments has had a positive effect on revenue growth while helping to improve customer loyalty

Dmitry Malykh

Director of Acquiring, Sberbank

Small outlets that need to start accepting non-cash payments fast and without incurring considerable costs can connect Sber’s Pay with QR service and accept QR code payments instead of accepting bank cards. In this case, you don't even need to buy a PIN pad. Field employees or clerks can install BIFIT Kassa’s Mobile cashier app and accept payments via smartphones

Sergei Kichagin


The Cashdesk Retail application can be downloaded on the developer’s website or on Google Play. You can start using Sberbank’s Pay with QR for free. You only need to submit an application via the app or on the Sber website, and then sign an agreement. You can start accepting QR code payments the next day after activation.

When enabling QR code payments, a business does not lose anything, but rather gains customer loyalty and a way to save on merchant acquiring. Non-cash payments are the future, and the more payment methods a business offers, the higher its chance of overtaking its competitors.