SberInsurance markets Pharminsurance policy across A.v.e. pharmacies

Sep 24, 2021

Sber subsidiary SberInsurance and the pharmacy chain A.v.e. have marketed Pharminsurance, a one-year policy that reimburses holders for some of the expenses (up to 90% of one purchase) and implies a compensation of up to RUB 50,000 for the prescribed medications.

Konstantin Filippov, project director, SberInsurance:

“According to our study, an average Russian family spends RUB 19,500 on medications a year, with half of the respondents (51%) going to pharmacies several times a month. Pharminsurance is about investing in your health and minimizing pharmaceutical costs. We are adding sales channels for the product, which is now available in the SberBank Online mobile app, on Sber and SberInsurance websites, and across our partner A.v.e.’s chain stores.”

Pharminsurance compensates for 15% to 90% of the cost of a medicine (but not more than RUB 50,000). Having received documents proving they have a prescription, SberInsurance clients can purchase drugs at any pharmacy that suits them, send photos of documents and receipts through a mobile application, and receive compensation from the insurer.

A.v.e. is a chain of modern European-level pharmacies selling over 25,000 quality health and beauty products. A.v.e. sells any pharmaceutical product registered in Russia, dietary supplements, medicinal cosmetics, rare exclusive brands of elite cosmetics, as well as goods for pregnant women and children.