Premium credit card by Sberbank for half its price. Also, it lets you withdraw cash from any ATM with no charges

Jul 31, 2020

Sberbank has marketed World Mastercard Black Edition, a premium credit card, for half the price when applying for the card between August 1 through September 30, 2020:

  • RUB2,450 instead of 4,900 in annual card service charges
  • free withdrawals in any ATMs.

Igor Kovalev, Executive Director of Borrow and Save Division, Sberbank,

“Together with Mastercard, we’re happy to market a premium credit card for half the price. First, we’ve halved the card service charges. Second, cash withdrawal fees in any ATM are cancelled. But most importantly, both the terms will apply forever, rather than being valid during the promo period only.”

Alexey Volkov, Director for Business Development and Product Sales, Mastercard Russia,

“Russians are increasingly preferring cashless settlements and choosing bank cards as the most convenient and modern payment option. Jointly with Sberbank we’re offering a rare opportunity to get our premium card and a deal on it.”

Holders of the World Mastercard Black Edition card by Sberbank can enjoy:

Terms of card use:

  • a grace period up to 50 days (no interest)
  • a borrowing limit up to RUB3 mln
  • interest rates from 21.9% to 23.9%.

You can place an order for a card via Sberbank Online or at an offline branch of Sberbank.