Escrow-backed Far Eastern Mortgage at 0.1% per annum now available for SberBank clients

Apr 01, 2021

SberBank clients are now able to take out a Far Eastern Mortgage at 0.1% when buying an apartment from developers participating in escrow-backed project financing.

Over 12,000 residents of the Russian Far East have taken advantage of SberBank’s preferential program for purchasing housing with a mortgage. Together with our developer partners, we continue to improve the program conditions and offer reduced rates for buyers awaiting the completion of construction who are already paying a mortgage.

The advantage for developers is the ability to boost sales by providing a discounted mortgage rate. At the same time, the developers themselves decide on the terms for each apartment.

Nikolay Vasyov,

Vice President, Director of the DomClick Division, Sberbank

Soft loans will be issued for the purchase of apartments in new buildings in the Far Eastern Federal District until December 31, 2024.

The program is available to families where neither spouse is over 35 (inclusive) and citizens under 35 (inclusive) who are unmarried and have a child no older than 19.

The maximum lending period is 20 years and two months and the borrowing limit is RUB 6 mn.

Down payments start at 15%.

Clients can choose an apartment in a new building and apply for a Far Eastern Mortgage with a discount from the developer online at