SberPortal: smart screen, premium sound, six mics, gesture recognition, can make calls

Sep 24, 2020

Sber has presented an innovative device called the SberPortal, Russia’s first multimedia smart display with premium sound, a virtual assistant, sensor and voice control, and gesture recognition. Unveiled during Sber Conf, the device is going on sale in late 2020.

SberPortal users can watch dozens of thousands of feature films, series, and educational videos with the online cinema Okko; access games, music videos, feature films, series, sports events, online videos and digital TV channels, and music via the SberZvuk partner service.

Konstantin Kruglov, CEO, SberDevices:

“The SberPortal is a device unique not only for the Russian, but also for the global market. I think that no other smart display probably has that many innovations and new features at the same time. We’ve managed to add modern features to the device, as well as make them work together in convenient user scenarios. No element has ended up here by accident, every detail serves a purpose in multiple scenarios. The SberPortal is an example of well-coordinated work of many Sber ecosystem companies. Research laboratories and other companies of the ecosystem also worked on the devise, besides the integrated user services.”

The SberPortal is a multifunctional 10-inch Full-HD smart screen for all family members. Fitted with a wide-angle AI-enabled 4K camera and Harman Kardon speakers, the device supports multimedia content playback and can make video calls.

User recognition

The SberPortal-embedded virtual assistant can identify its users and suggest content accordingly. When addressed by a child, it will go to child mode blocking adult content, purchases, and banking transactions. Instead, the smart assistant will offer the child some games, a fairy tale, or suggest doing the homework together.


SberPortal microphones can be hardware-disabled, and the processing of all video streaming content (gesture recognition, autofocusing during a video call, face recognition of family members) is done inside the device, without data being sent to the cloud. The set includes a magnetic camera cover.

Voice, touch, and gesture recognition

The SberPortal supports all known ways to interact with the user: touch, voice, and even gestures.

The device is fitted with six microphones designed with Fraunhofer IIS and working in sync to catch the sound perfectly and understand voice control commands. This enables the smart display to recognize users’ voice commands well even amid noise and music, or the sound source being far away.

You can use the sensor interface of the built-in touch screen or utilize the virtual remote control inside your smartphone.

The SberPortal is unique as it recognizes all basic gestures perfectly: the V sign (a hand gesture in which the index and middle fingers make a Latin V shape) to activate the assistant; thumb up or down to like or dislike songs; the STOP gesture (open palm) to pause playback; the MUTE gesture (finger to lips) to mute sound.

Rich sound

The SberPortal features a Harman Kardon premium sound system. The 30W built-in audio system has a unique chamber design at its core with 70mm broadband and 84mm passive speakers and an advanced digital processor. Combined, they deliver deep bass, clear high and rich mid frequencies. High-quality sound is evenly distributed around the device, 360 degrees.

Compatible with other devices

Due to SberCast technology and synchronization of Sber smart devices through the SberSalute app, you can start watching a movie on your SberPortal and continue on a big TV screen paired with a SberBox multimedia set-top box. Or, you can start watching a YouTube video on your smartphone and continue watching it on your SberPortal.

SberSalute is a family of virtual assistants helping users manage Sber ecosystem’s smart devices.