Automatic payment via SberBank Online now available to Tinkoff Mobile clients

Jul 20, 2021

SberBank and Tinkoff Mobile have rolled out Avtoplatyozh, an automatic cell phone recharge service when your mobile plan balance reaches a pre-set low threshold.

Sberbank clients can set the threshold using the automatic bill payment service through SberBank Online or an ATM. For instance, it is set at RUB 50. When your account balance reaches the threshold, money will be debited from your SberBank card automatically, but it is the user who sets the size of payments and other parameters.

Available for Sberbank cards, the automatic bill payment service can be activated for your mobile devices and the mobile devices of your relatives and friends living in any region. No fees are charged for topping up the balance.

The automatic bill payment service by SberBank is a safe way to always stay online. Automatic payments only need to be set up via SberBank Online once, and the bank will take on all the routine after that. It is easy to manage Avtoplatyozh, too: if necessary, you can edit or cancel it. All your transactions and payment dates are available after logging in to SberBank Online.

Leonid Shnyr

Director of Payments and Transfers, Sberbank

Recently, we have noted a trend toward the automation of recurring payments. People find it convenient to apply the simplest settings once and then save their time, freeing their heads for more urgent or pleasant things. Automatic payments are especially relevant when it comes to mobile communication, and we are sure that thanks to our partnership with Sber many of our subscribers will soon try the advantages of this functionality for themselves.

Vitaly Briedis

Head of Distrbution, Tinkoff Mobile

You can set up an automatic payment scenario by using the SberBank online app or website. Go to Payments → Automatic Payments and Transfers → Activate → Automatic Payment (Avtoplatyozh), and choose the service you want to be paid for automatically. Avtoplatyozh works with Sberbank debit or credit cards of any payment processor.