Sber presents SberPrime, a basic subscription to services of its ecosystem for RUB199 a month. Until the New Year, an annual subscription will be available at a special price of RUB999

Sep 24, 2020

A family of subscriptions to Sber ecosystem’s services for everyday life was presented at Sber Conf along with the rebranding and other new offerings.

The basic SberPrime subscription is an opportunity to use Sber ecosystem services and save much money. Customers are estimated to save over RUB20,000 a year with the new subscription.

SberPrime is priced at RUB199 a month, with the first 30 days being free.

Until the end of 2020, special terms apply to the annual subscription, which will be available for only RUB999.

The regular price for a 12-month basic SberPrime subscription starting from 2021 will be no more than RUB1,990, and possibly less.

SberPrime entitles its subscribers to special terms and discounts when purchasing products and services of the Sber ecosystem.

The subscription includes:

  • over 20,000 feature films and series within the OKKO-LITE subscription at the OKKO online cinema (without a SberPrime subscription this OKKO subscription would cost RUB199 a month or RUB1,690 a year), as well as a 15% discount on other movies
  • access to more than 40 million songs without ads inside SberZvuk (without a SberPrime subscription this OKKO subscription would cost RUB169 a month)
  • delivery of groceries from popular stores (Auchan, Metro, VkusVill, Lenta and many more retailers in as many as 115 Russian cities) in SberMarket (without a SberPrime subscription SberMarket deliveries would cost RUB158)
  • 30 GB of cloud storage space from SberDisk, and 20% off extra gigabytes
  • 10% off 10 orders a month with Delivery Club
  • 10% off Citymobil cab rides
  • 15% off monthly subscription to publicly available SberMobile plans and a vanity (bronze) phone number as a gift.

Customers automatically benefit from a SberPrime subscription to each service by logging in via Sber ID, which means a customer no longer needs to have a separate username and password for each service. 

A single Sber ID simplifies the customer experience dramatically.

You can take out or manage your subscription on the website, or via the Sberbank Online application (it is already available for iOS users and is set to be released for Android devices on September 28-29). Starting from October, SberPrime subscriptions can be taken out at the bank branches. A subscription can be paid for with a bank card. Anyone can use it, regardless of whether or not you’re a Sber customer. 

Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sber:

“The Sber ecosystem unites a raft of useful services for everyday life. A single subscription to several offerings at once lets our customers learn about the new services and save a lot. In terms of the quality/price ratio of the services available inside the basic subscription, SberPrime is the best product on the market. SberPrime is scheduled to add new services. Furthermore, other SberPrime options will follow suit to complement the basic subscription.”