SberBusiness, SberInvestments, SberSpasibo, and other new Sber brands

Sep 24, 2020

Sber has unveiled new brands for a number of its services available to individual and corporate customers at Sber Conf, which also saw the presentation of new products and services of the Sber ecosystem. Products being united under new brands will not trigger the renaming of official titles of PJSC Sberbank or its subsidiaries and does not require that new agreements with customers be signed or changes be made to the said agreements. 

Sber’s financial services for individuals are now united under the SberBank brand. The Sberbank Online mobile application and website, which let customers manage their finances 24/7 from anywhere in the world, are now called SberBank Online. The Thank You by Sberbank loyalty program, which allows you to accumulate reward points for purchases with a SberBank card and redeem them for products and services at partners’ outlets, is now called SberSpasibo.

Sberbank ID, a single account for logging in to the bank’s and its partners’ services, now goes by the name of Sber ID

Sber will work with small businesses and the self-employed under the SberBusiness brand, with the same name to be applied to the Sberbank Business Online website and mobile application. SberBusiness will keep making technologies available and open up new opportunities for starting and developing the business of its customers.

Professional solutions for corporations and the public sector have been united under the SberPro brand, which is designed to provide businesses with resources for transformation and scaling, hedge risks, provide qualified outsourcing services, and unique analytics. The desktop application for corporations will also be called SberPro.

The SberCIB brand has united Sber’s solutions for companies and financial institutions that use investment instruments and conduct transactions across global markets. Sber helps customers at all stages of the investment strategy implementation and sets up financial instruments taking into account the nature and structure of transactions. The rebranding completes the transformation of the traditional investment bank image into a modern financial brand, the SberCIB digital investment platform.

The SberInvestments brand includes all retail investment products of Sberbank, including brokerage services for individuals and Sberbank Asset Management products (except for closed-end real-estate mutual funds), endowment and investment life insurance programs by Sberbank life insurance. These instruments let you invest and help build savings no matter what the stock market situation is.

The SberInsurance brand unites the entire line of protective insurance products and services by Sberbank insurance and Sberbank life insurance subsidiaries. These are: high-quality and reliable insurance of life, health, and property for individuals and companies. 

The SberNPF brand now features all pension products and services for individuals and entities NPF of Sberbank has to offer. They are aimed at providing customers with confidence about the future, comfort, and maintaining the usual standard of life when they reach maturity.

Sberbank Insurance Broker from now on will be known as Sber Insurance Broker. It offers a comprehensive analysis of the needs of corporate customers and picks the optimal insurance coverage for them, consulting about insurance and reinsurance issues, and assisting with paperwork when settling claims for insurance payouts. 

Private wealth management, which serves high-net-worth clients with assets from RUB100 m or more, is now known as Sber Private Banking.