SberCloud and Jet Infosystems develop cluster deployment Managed OpenShift service

Oct 21, 2021

Sber ecosystem’s cloud service provider SberCloud and the IT company Jet Infosystems have designed Managed OpenShift, an automatic cluster deployment system allowing SberCloud to deploy OpenShift clusters within 30 minutes without IT professionals and accelerating software development for clients, which include Sber ecosystem companies.

Solutions with similar functionality are run by global hypersellers like Amazon and Microsoft, but the Russian market has no equivalents.

Mikhail Lobotsky, deputy CEO, SberCloud:

“The Managed OpenShift service that we needed was not available in Russia. We were aware it would be an uphill job to create it. The thing is, there are no ready-made solutions for the deployment of the OpenShift cluster for VMware’s vCloud Director that we use to manage our virtual infrastructure. This is why we decided to develop our proprietary IT system. When choosing the future partner, we were looking for more than a contractor. We sought to find an assistant to make our team complete. During an auction, we chose Jet Infosystems.”

SberCloud provides a sought-after solution and streamlines cluster management costs with an automated service that creates a Red Hat OpenShift cluster in half an hour with one click. Soon, users will be able to set other than the basic parameters of the cluster they create on the self-service portal, which will add to the functionality of the system.

Several open market clients have addressed SberCloud for Managed OpenShift after its development. Having set up the automatic cluster deployment, SberCloud guarantees that customers will enjoy quick service availability and an enhanced information security. This is a big step forward for the company’s business and customers who seek to develop microservice applications, overtaking competitors in terms of time to market.

The system was developed by two teams, hand in hand, with SberCloud in charge of the the platform backend, self-service portal, and integration with the service platform. Several service controllers and connectors for virtualization subsystems and domain name servers were developed and improved. Jet Infosystems engineers were responsible for the solution architecture as a whole and the implementation of OpenShift-specific subsystems.

Alexander Krasnov, head of DevSecOps laboratory, Jet Infosystems:

“We faced a unique challenge and took it on gladly. I must say though that we had never embarked on such complex and ambitious projects. We were essentially among the DevOps pioneers and monsters like Amazon and we created a solution similar in functionality. As a result, the deployment of OpenShift clusters on SberCloud is now fully automated. This unlocks fundamentally different speeds for the services that are highly sought-after today.”

SberCloud (OOO Oblachnye Tekhnologii, or Cloud Technologies LLC) is Sber ecosystem’s cloud platform. The company offers a wide range of infrastructure and platform cloud solutions, as well as tools for working with artificial intelligence based on the Christofari supercomputer, which is the highest performance computer cluster in Russia. SberCloud’s IT platforms and services are at the core of the Sber digital ecosystem being also available to external customers, such as companies, governmental organizations, and individuals.