They can schedule an appointment with a doctor, order a pizza, and talk to you. Sber presents Salute, a unique family of virtual assistants

Sep 24, 2020

Salute is the world’s first virtual assistant family with different characters, habits, and mindsets. Each user will have a unique opportunity to choose a congenial character.

Sber, Joy, and Athena are the names of the virtual assistants that will soon be available both for iOS and Android devices via Sberbank Online and SberSalute apps, several smart devices by Sber, etc.

Sber is progressive and great at technology. He likes beautiful and complicated abbreviations, but he is easy-going. An introvert, he loves to put things in order, but he doesn’t mind having fun or playing games. The voice actor for Sber is dubbing actor Daniil Shcheblanov.

Joy is cheerful, she has high emotional intelligence and helps with routine, freeing time for her user. She is an optimist and an extravert, but she respects other people’s boundaries. The voice actor for Joy is actress Tatyana Yermilova.

Athena aims to make users as productive and efficient as possible and helps to structure their work. Following the rules and maintaining order in everything, she can systematize information. The voice actor for Athena is TV host Anastasia Chernobrovina.

Konstantin Kruglov, CEO, SberDevices:

“We have been the first in the world to create more than an assistant, but a whole family of AI characters to let users choose who they are most comfortable with at the moment. Salute family assistants have high emotional intelligence: thanks to an advanced dialogue platform, each character is capable of holding a dialogue in a manner that is unique.”

The assistants are capable of more than just talking or finding answers to your questions. They can also order food, make an appointment with a doctor or at a beauty parlor, send remittances to family members or add money to a mobile phone account. All assistants have an identical set of skills; that’s why when choosing one of them or switching between the three, users will get all the features of the technology platform and the Sber ecosystem anyway.

You just need to say “Salute!” to activate a virtual assistant on your smart device, and the initially chosen character will respond. You can also go with “Salute, Sber!” or “Salute, Athena!” if you want to address a particular assistant.  

The family of assistants was developed by SberDevices, which is in charge of designing smart devices. Salute operates on the SmartNLP natural language processing platform, which, among other things, includes speech technologies. Thanks to them, device features become available to users, and the family of assistants can talk. The platform processes users’ incoming text requests and assistants’ outgoing responses and launches features and applications.

SberDevices is a Sberbank ecosystem company, an expertise center for AI solutions in speech technologies, natural language processing, facial recognition, and voice biometrics. The company also focuses on creating smart devices for end consumers and corporate customers. SberDevices was established in May 2019 as a department with Sber’s Technology Unit.