30 start-ups to take part in accelerator of Sberbank and 500 Startups

Nov 26, 2018
  • The accelerator will include services based on AI, gadget developers, and medical and retail market services.
  • At the end of the acceleration, the seven best start-up teams will travel to San Francisco where they will spend a month taking part in the Silicon Valley Exchange Program.

26 November 2018, Moscow – The accelerator of Sberbank and 500 Startups today announces the 30 start-ups that have joined the programme’s first selection stage.

The participating projects include marketplaces in different sectors, services that are based on artificial intelligence, gadget developers, and services for the medical market and retail. All these start-ups already have a working product and paying customers. All the teams have started working on-site at the accelerator. They will receive investment in the form of convertible loans.

An accelerator is a programme that seeks to increase the speed at which start-ups develop. Over the course of two months, the teams will work on their projects in Moscow and receive support from experts from Russia and Silicon Valley. Every week the accelerator will be visited by mentors from 500 Startups who specialise in various growth and business scaling areas. At the end of the acceleration, the seven best start-up teams will travel to San Francisco where they will spend a month taking part in the Silicon Valley Exchange Program. Both stages of accelerator (in Moscow and San Francisco) will end in demo days.

More than 840 start-ups requested to participate in the accelerator. A third (32.3%) of the teams demonstrated significant business acumen, having already set up and sold at least one business. 56% of the companies that submitted requests already have a working product, whilst 15.2% of the start-ups are currently at the public beta testing stage.

Lev Khasis, First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Sberbank:

“The selection process was tough as we received applications from very strong teams across Russia. During the process we focused on start-ups that may not only become a true part of the Sberbank ecosystem and the business of our corporate partners, but are also promising in terms of international business. I hope that during the acceleration period the expertise of 500 Startups and the Russian partners well help the teams reach a new level in terms of development.”

The majority of start-ups that submitted applications to participate were from the e-commerce sector (15%), followed by B2B services (9%) and lifestyle (9%). AI and big data projects were fourth and fifth in terms of number of applications, respectively. Fintech, blockchain, e-medicine, education and other start-ups also submitted applications.

The following start-ups will take part in the programme:

101.fit – A personal fitness trainer that scans your body in 3D from the comfort of your own home.

Third Opinion – An AI system that analyses medical images to support doctors when making diagnosis.

YaCurier – A platform that automates logistics processes.

Arni.io – A smart assistant for business based on AI.

Bash Today – A private and corporate event booking service.

BINO – A service for hiring mystery shoppers online.

Data Screen – A service for analysing and managing digital content distribution.

Doczilla – A document constructor.

Fish.Travel – An international service for booking fishing tours.

Heartex – A platform for collecting and marking data.

HUMAN+ – A solution for managing the efficiency of workers online.

Inspector Cloud – SaaS for retail audits.

i-Brain – A developer of an AI-based neural interface to rehabilitate brain injury and post stroke patients.

Intelligence Retail – A solution for monitoring shop inventory using computer vision.

MaxBionic – A developer of bionic prosthetics.

Med.me – A blockchain platform for making doctor’s appointments and exchanging medical records, which connects patients, clinics, doctors, insurance companies and other players of the medical market.

Mishka AI – A smart soft toy that incorporates AI and a built-in platform for delivering content for children.

Oz Forensics – A platform that verifies the authenticity of digital documents and photos.

Passteam – A service that allows companies to create loyalty cards that can be added to Apple Wallet and Google Pay.

Pooling.me – A marketplace for setting up consolidated deliveries to retailers.

ProctorEdu – A service for carrying out online attestation without examiners.

Rentmania – An online rental platform.

Shipit.to – A smart logistics solution that adapts to each individual business.

Smart Mirror – A smart mirror that lets retail, hotel, restaurant and beauty industry firms interact with their clients.

Sim4Design – A service for carrying our settlements in the area of industrial design.

Sputnik8 – A service for booking tours all over the world.

ViewApp – A mobile application for securely viewing photos and videos of objects.

Windyapp – A community platform for lovers of open-air sports that provides professional weather forecasts worldwide.

Yorso – A B2B seafood marketplace.

Zenome – A decentralised network of genomic data and services.