Sber connects Waves Enterprise distributed ledger to its blockchain platform

Dec 29, 2020

Sber and Waves Enterprise have successfully tested the interaction of two blockchain platforms, Sber’s Hyperledger Fabric-based corporate platform and the Waves Enterprise platform.

The integration mechanism implemented on the Sber platform allows users of external blockchain networks to gain access to its digital assets and use smart contracts and applications available in external networks to settle with these assets.

During tests, several pilot transactions using smart contracts were successfully carried out, which were transferred from the Sber platform to the Waves Enterprise network, which hosted several transactions between different owners, and then the tokens were sent back to the Sber platform.

So far, the interaction of the two blockchain platforms relies on a gateway, but next year interoperability mechanisms for direct seamless interaction of two blockchain networks are scheduled to be put in place. The Gravity protocol and the Hyperledger Cactus framework are considered as possible solutions.

Successful pilot transactions on Sber and Waves Enterprise platforms have proven the possibility of building a settlement system between companies using different blockchain platforms. This opens up new perspectives for both our customers and the entire blockchain market. In 2021, when the law On Digital Financial Assets comes into force, companies will be able to make mutual settlement payments using smart contracts

Sergey Popov

Director of Transaction Business, Sberbank

This new possibility of connecting modern financial instruments from the largest bank of Russia to the systems Waves Enterprise designed for government customers and private companies expands the range of available mutual settlements via digital financial assets and electronic means of payment significantly. At the same time, this is a big step towards ensuring the interoperability of various solutions in the financial sector, allowing you to seriously consider global multibank services as real

Igor Kuzmichev

Chief Commercial Officer, Waves Enterprise