SberFirst rolls out most unusual New Year’s greetings

Dec 24, 2020

New Year’s greetings from SberFirst and Visa will be a real event for both customers and the entire cultural and media landscape. The curbs did not prevent the companies from creating a project that is as impressive and creative as SberFirst’s traditional offline New Year parties.

In the online project, SberFirst combines business with art, inviting celebrities like famous artists, directors, actors, singers, and journalists. The main concept that permeates the entire project is surrealism, which has been our everyday companion throughout the year: every day was filled with the expectation of something new, guesses and questions ‘why’ and ‘what for’, and we didn’t understand what was happening.

The New Year's greeting consists of three parts: an artistic postcard, a guide to New Year preparations, and a short film/concert.

  • SberFirst invited the famous Russian conceptual artist Pavel Pepperstein to create a watercolor artwork especially for this project. It’s a greeting card that depicts the author’s traditional heroes from various paintings and literary works, adjacent to the main symbols of the New Year, i.e. a tree and Ded Moroz (the Russian Santa Claus). This work was digitized, animated, and now anyone can customize it on the site: add congratulation messages, change the color, and then download it as a gif, and send it to co-workers and friends. It will be hard not to notice this animated postcard among the regular pictures.
  • SberFirst designed a detailed guide to New Year preparations, including ideas that will save time and facilitate the choice of gifts thanks to Visa partners: where to go on vacation amid the restrictions; how to spend quality time with children and choose special gifts for loved ones. SberFirst also picked the best offerings from the bank and the ecosystem for clients: a savings account with an increased rate, a special currency conversion fee, a free intensive course in planning an investment strategy at the Academy of the First, discounts from Okko, SberZvuk, and SberPrime.
  • One of the short film creators is Alexei Nuzhny, a famous Russian director. The shooting was special due to the use of a 16 mm film in the concert part, which gave the image the charm of an old movie, and POV shooting with a digital camera in the game part. SberFirst invites viewers to a fairy forest, a traditional place for miracles. In the magical scenery of the forest thicket, spectators will enjoy an acoustic concert of the singer MANIZHA and, together with Victoria Tolstoganova, Nikolai Uskov, Maxim Vitorgan, and Anya Chipovskaya recall the curious highlights that the outgoing year has brought us. The protagonist, who is behind the scenes throughout the movie, gets to the surreal party and does not understand (like the viewer) why he is special and why he was so expected until the very last moment. The suspense with the protagonist is maintained until the very end of the concert.

You can watch the New Year project by SberFirst and Visa at

The challenging year is coming to an end, and we wanted to please our customers with something special, remove their pre-New Year worries and give a gift that will be remembered for a long time. In this project, business meets art, because art always creates new impressions, which we’ve lacked so much this year. And I am sure that nothing is as memorable as an emotional experience! I wish you a Happy New Year and hope that the questions that seem to have no answers would only lead you to new heights and victories!

Maria Podenko

Head of SberFirst

We have come up with a modern Little Blue Light, which has its bright style, aesthetics, and subtle humor. When watching, you will feel like you’re on a tear and completely immersing in the atmosphere of surrealism due to the lighting solutions and decorations, while the scenario techniques will make you watch it until the end. From my point of view, we’ve created an innovative project by combining New Year’s vibes and ‘weird’ things within an acoustic concert

Alexey Nuzhny