Woman from Kazan wins one million reward points with SberSpasibo and Pay with QR

Jul 21, 2021

The loyalty program SberSpasibo and Sber’s Pay with QR service have run a marketing campaign called A Lucky Buy, letting participants win thousands of reward points and the first prize of one million points. The winner of the campaign is a woman from Kazan.

All campaign participants needed to do was to make purchases using Sber’s Pay with QR contactless payments service and be a SberSpasibo member.

According to Darya, the owner of a flower store in Kazan, she had been using Pay with QR quite often even before winning the prize, but she learnt about her win by accident. First, her purchase won her several thousand reward points, and some time later, yet another payment that she made won her one million points. Learn more about Darya’s participation in the contest, her victory, and what she spent the rewards points on in the interview.

It is good news that in the era of global digitalization when it would seem that you cannot surprise anyone with QR services, our clients throughout Russia show they have mature financial literacy skills. And this campaign was designed, among other things, to highlight that payments using QR are not only safe and fast, but also profitable.

The winners of our projects where we give a chance to win one million points agree to do interviews very rarely, but Darya and her family did not hesitate one second. They were happy to share the story of her win with us and shared how they had spent the points on good buys, which is precious. We are truly thankful to this wonderful family – their example has debunked the myth that reward points can’t be spent. Just see how Darya did that in two days!

Andrey Pisarev

Director of the Loyalty Division, Sberbank, CEO of SberSpasibo Loyalty Program

SberSpasibo runs campaigns where it offers one million rewards points several times a year. Anyone can win a million points these days by joining Tochno V Tsel (Bull’s Eye), a gamified campaign. Just sign up and read the simple terms at https://spasibosberbank.ru/partners_proposal/tochno-v-tsel or use the SberSpasibo mobile app https://info.spasibosb.ru/.