Sber first in Russia to register software created by AI

Jul 23, 2021

Sber was the first in Russia to register a computer program developed with AI assistance. Called Artificial Vision, it is part of the suite Sber AI designed when attempting to create AGI.

The program’s primary goal is to match image pixels with neurons on the retina of an artificial eye. It can be used to create an AI model capable of existing in a virtual environment and learning to perceive visual scenes. A transformer neural network which underwent additional training on a corpus of programming languages was used to create Artificial Vision.

The program was registered with the Russian intellectual property service Rospatent and was added to the list of computer programs. Its registration number is 2021661571.

Artificial Vision’s registration form reads that the authors are the Sber AI developers who had trained the neural network that wrote the code.

When it comes to AI, intellectual property issues need to be resolved as fast as possible while adhering to a thought-through approach because the potential challenges making it hard to protect AI-related property rights might deincentivize the work and adoption of AI systems. We hope that this precedent by Sber will facilitate the legal regulation of this vertical. Our next step is going to be an application for a state registration of an AI invention.

Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

The intensive development of AI has a major impact on all sectors. The institution of intellectual property is one of them. World Intellectual Property Organization is holding a worldwide discussion, and soon the global community has to come to a consensus on who should be considered the author of what AI creates autonomously – be it the artificial intelligence system, the developers who created the neural network and trained it, or anyone else – how much people should be involved in the creative routine, and other questions.

Sber is actively engaged in the implementation of the 2024 Concept of regulations development regarding artificial intelligence and robotics technologies approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. The document focuses on the issues of intellectual property in the context of AI since the current laws do not provide legal protection for the work results that AI systems deliver without the creative input of a human.