Money and love. What Sber customers ask virtual assistants for

Apr 02, 2021

Sber customers have transferred over RUB 800 mn using virtual assistants. Meanwhile, Sber, Joy, and Athena assistants can do more than send money – they can also solve a wide range of various daily user issues, no matter what your inquiry is. Also, they are ready to answer any question, although some of the questions addressed to them may even puzzle a real person.

Having mastered remittances fast (you just need to say, for example, "Athena, send mom one thousand rubles"), users decided to put more complex financial tasks before virtual assistants. Namely: "How do I send money anonymously?", "How can you make a lot of money?" and so on.

Prank requests for money to be debited from accounts of famous people or without the return address proved to be quite popular. For example, "Credit a million to my card." Since the voice assistants with all their advantages are not wizards, and the transfers system is well-protected, such requests, of course, are not executed.

Notably, many seem to think virtual assistants are experts even in the issues of gender relationships. Some women asked, "How do I persuade my loved one to send a lot of money to my card." The assistants are ready to share their opinions on this issue, too: everything should be done out of love, including remittances through SberBank Online.

People consult the voice assistants on the most different topics: "Why people sometimes do not see or do not want to see that someone has a crush on them?", "What hormone is responsible for the devotion to your partner?". Some had bolder wishes and asked the virtual assistants to "order dancers".

Virtual Assistants — Sber, Athena, and Joy — have different characters and styles of communication, treating complicated inquiries of customers individually and always ready to support you with advice. Probably, this is why millions of Russians think the assistants are attentive and kind interlocutors who do what they are told to willingly and never interrupt.

Sber, Joy, and Athena is the first family of virtual assistants with different characters, habits, and mindset, so each user can choose a kindred spirit. The assistants "live" inside SberBank Online and Sber Salute apps, as well as Sber smart devices: the SberBox set-top box (turns any TV-set into an entertainment center for the whole family) and the SberPortal smart display (a premium device with the best specs on the market).

The aggregate monthly audience of the Salute family of assistants across all digital surfaces has exceeded 2 million people. With voice commands, Sber clients can order groceries, make an appointment for a haircut, transfer money, add money to their cellphone accounts, find out the exchange rate of the dollar or the price of shares, get a weather forecast, investlisten to horoscopes, and do much more — the number of scenarios for using the Salute virtual assistants grows by the day.