Sber sweeps 10 Time for Innovations awards

Dec 15, 2020

Sber services for companies and individuals have swept as many as 10 accolades during Time for Innovations, a prestigious Russian award.

Chatbot for corporate customers: Discovery of the Year in the Business and Service category. The service executes personalized voice and text commands («Order a statement», «Need a receipt, «Take out a corporate card», etc.) and resolves up to 27% of customer issues without human assistance.

Commercial banking support: Service Solution of the Year in the Finance and Consulting category. This is a set of banking support services for product users: monitoring of settlements, control of targeted spending of funds, checking the reliability of a counterparty, interaction with the customer of a service, monitoring the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of a contract.

Blockchain platform: Project of the Year in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency category. The service offers financial and non-financial blockchain-based products.

Online business missions on Project of the Year in the Finance and Consulting category. The service replaces fairs, exhibitions, and business missions canceled because of the pandemic and allows Russian manufacturers to present their products to foreign buyers. As many as 15 online business missions have been conducted thus far, gathering more than 600 Russian and foreign companies.

SberAnalytics: Best Adoption of Innovations Project in the Business and Service category. It’s a platform providing businesses and the public sector with analytical products to make efficient management decisions. Platform products are created using big data, machine learning, and advanced data visualization engines.

SberBusinessBot: Service Solution of the Year in the Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Digital Economy category. The service allows companies to create their own chatbots easily, engage them to communicate with users in text channels, and save up to 20% on customer service.

SberClickstream: Service Solution of the Year in the PR and Marketing category. The product combines all the tools you’d need to increase online sales. It can help you manage your audience and boost sales using widgets and modal windows, as well as website personalization and customer journey improvement tools that you can customize in a few clicks.

SberCRM: Service Solution of the Year in the IT and Digital Technologies category. A middle office to sell Sber ecosystem products and a full-fledged cloud-based CRM solution to run your sales.

SberAdviser: Service Solution of the Year in the Small Business Support and Development category. It’s a mobile application with a set of analytical services for SME customers, which allows entrepreneurs to receive up-to-date information in one click regarding their business performance, the entire market, or an industry.

BRIS Utilities: Innovation of the Year in the Smart Cities and the Internet of Things category. Letting you calculate charges and keep track of payments, the platform is designed for settlement centers, property management companies, and utility providers, which simplifies settlements and cuts their costs dramatically, providing corporate users with ample opportunities to customize calculation algorithms via Drag & Drop without engaging IT people, as well as reducing infrastructure costs through cloud technologies. A distinctive feature of the platform is the highest speed of settlements, which allows utility providers to issue payment documents on time, always.

The Time for Innovation is a Russian award covering innovations in all industries. It has been out there since 2011 recognizing leaders of the Russian economy that understand the importance of innovations and identify innovating as a top priority strategy and business model.