Choosing a savings account at SberBank is now easier

Jul 19, 2021

Sber has improved the Savings and Checking Accounts section of its website — from now on, you won’t miss the bank’s best deals.

Three of Sberbank’s most popular products are presented in the catalog clearly and conveniently, and it is very easy to choose what suits you best. The key parameters, conditions and differences of products (rate, amount, term, withdrawal and replenishment options) are clear at a glance. If you have any questions, a video will facilitate your savings account choice.

Now, there are sections where pensioners can find premium products and savings accounts. There is also educational content for you to find, including articles on how to pay taxes, plan a family budget, and set money aside for children. FAQs can also be found there, and you don’t need to follow a link to a different page.

The world of today is full of information, so to make the right decisions fast, information must be structured really well, with key data highlighted and secondary information removed. Our brand-new catalog of savings accounts does an excellent job. We help people make the right choice while promoting their financial literacy through informative articles and videos.

Sergei Shirokov

Director of Borrow and Save Division, Sberbank