Sberbank insurance offers home insurance with 25% discount

Jul 22, 2021

During the high season when Russians travel and leave their apartments unattended for a long time, Sberbank insurance, a Sberbank subsidiary, is offering to save 25% off with Home Protection insurance policies protecting your homes in the event of unforeseen occurrences.

The special insurance terms apply between July 22 and August 1. Policies are available via the SberBank Online mobile app and SberBank or Sberbank insurance websites by applying the KING25 promo code.

In 6M21, the online sales of Sberbank insurance’s Home Protection policies nearly doubled, accounting for 15% of all home insurance sales. In 1H21, the company made some 3,700 insurance payouts, with nearly 70% accounting for water damage, some 10% accounting for fires, 5% accounting for third-party liability, and the remainder 15% accounting for wrongful acts of third parties and other types of insured events.

The issues home owners face are always unexpected and usually require a lot of money to resolve. It gets worse when you are responsible for the damage to your neighbors’ property, then you need to compensate them for their losses too. You can safeguard your budget by taking out insurance – apart from the most common risks, a Home Protection policy insures your liability as an apartment owner. In 2020, Sberbank insurance paid out some RUB 60 mn to 900 clients. In the first half of 2021, the metric reached about RUB 15 mn, which was paid out to 230 customers.

Dmitry Pursanov

Managing Director, Retail Insurance Director, Sberbank insurance

Home Protection is an online policy builder letting users tailor an insurance policy customized to their needs with coverage of up to RUB 2.9 mn. You can insure apartments, including non-residential ones, homes, or summer cottages. A policy can be taken out at any Sberbank branch, via the SberBank Online mobile app, or on the Sberbank insurance website in a couple of clicks. The app allows you to buy an insurance subscription for a term you really need, be it a month, a quarter, or a year. The discount applies to subscriptions.

SberBank Online also lets you go through the entire loss settlement procedure, from filing a claim regarding your insured event to getting your compensation. Online claims are handled faster and take an average of five days to consider.