SberBank makes Mir cards compatible with Apple Pay

Jul 20, 2021

SberBank, Apple, and Russia’s National Payment Card System NSPK have offered Mir card compatibility with Apple Pay.

Here are the options now available to Mir cardholders with iPhones and Apple Watches:

  • contactless payments at merchant locations
  • payments via mobile apps and from online stores
  • contactless services at ATMs
  • contactless fare payments
  • dropping the use of a plastic card and only leaving its digital copy, thus contributing to environmental protection.

To make a payment, just tap your iPhone or Apple Watch against the payment terminal. Every Apple Pay transaction is highly secure due to several authentication procedures: Face ID, Touch ID, or a passcode, and a unique one-time dynamic security code. With Apple Pay, you can pay at grocery stores, pharmacies, taxis, restaurants, coffee shops, and more.

The use of SberBank ATMs is also becoming simpler. Instead of inserting a card, it is more convenient to tap your smartphone to a self-service device. This rules out the risk of forgetting your plastic card in an ATM and strengthens security, as the user confirms their transaction both through their PIN and through Touch ID, Face ID, or their smartphone passcode. 

Paying for transport is another track SberBank is developing. In July, express payment on transport was launched in Kazan. iPhone owners can pay fares with Apple Pay by simply tapping their smartphone to the terminal. Confirmation via Touch ID or Face ID is not needed. The transaction goes through instantly, even if the phone's battery is low (1-3%). As a result of this, users spend less time paying for their trip and terminal capacity increases.

Moreover, the launch of Mir cards in Apple Pay means that the Plastic as an Option service is now available for iPhone owners – clients can order a plastic-free flagship debit Mir SberCard through the SberBank Online mobile app. The card is immediately ready for use and can be added to Apple Pay. The card is just as secure as a plastic card, and you cannot lose it. It takes up no space in clients' wallets and does not need to be recycled upon expiration. 

Apple Pay users can also make fast and convenient purchases with an iPhone, iPad or Mac through apps and websites when using Safari without the need to create accounts or fill in lengthy payment forms. Apple Pay makes ordering grocery deliveries, paying online, buying tickets, and many more things much simpler. Apple Pay is also available when paying via Apple Watch apps.

Security and confidentiality underlie Apple Pay. When you add a credit or a debit card to Apple Pay, the card number is not stored on the device or Apple servers. Instead, you get a unique device ID which is encrypted and stored securely in the Secure Element chip of your device.

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