Sber at MAKS 2021. The National Space Market and Digital Development: Building the Ecosystem of the Future

Jul 23, 2021

On July 22, Sber held a conference called “The National Space Market and Digital Development: Building the Ecosystem of the Future”, which was part of the business program at MAKS 2021 International Aviation and Space Salon. Addressing the image of the contemporary space market and how highly-diversified technology companies, or bigtechs, should enter the global market, the discussion was moderated by Dmitry Payson, Managing Director, Research and Innovation Department at Sber. Sber is an official partner of MAKS 2021.

Sber currently asserts that it is a science and tech hub combining applied R&D to create new products and values for clients while participating in the national research agenda. As we looked into promising market development trajectories, we paid attention to the nature of space products and services, so we decided that our competencies and experience in interacting with the research community could prove useful in this domain.

Albert Yefimov

Vice President for Research and Innovations, Sberbank

Taras Serzhantov, Head of the Department for Economic Modelling and Risk Assessment, Agat research center, Roscosmos; Andrey Mochalov, Project Manager at Strategy Partners Group, a Sber ecosystem company; and Yann Perrot, Manager, Space Practice, PwC, presented the features and the growth dynamics of modern chains of redistribution and segments of the digital space services market, once again proving the universal nature of the trend toward the active engagement of bigtechs in space activities.

The second part of the conference was dedicated to how Sber sees the promising space projects. Dmitry Payson, Managing Director, Research and Innovation Department at Sberbank, emphasized that Sber can only support the tracks and projects that address urgent technological problems of business units, but at the same time have commercial appeal and significance for the technological development of the country, which sounds especially important in the ongoing Year of Science and Technology. To develop this statement, Ivan Sysoev, Managing Director, Director of the Corporate Sales Department of Sberbank, spoke about the specifics of Sber’s banking products, services and other solutions for the industry. Andrey Glushkov, Managing Director, Head of the Technology Development Department of the Digital Credit Monitoring Division of Sberbank, shared his experience of integrating space products into monitoring services to solve the extremely urgent tasks of the environmental agenda when implementing the company's ESG strategy.

Closing the session, Dmitry Payson and Elena Krivshich, Partner at Strategy Partners Group, announced an open research project called The Inevitability of Space, which unites Russia’s leading analytical centers that will work on a field study on the space market and its Russian segment. To this end, they need to understand the key role of the government and its organizations. This project will unite researchers from the Sber ecosystem, RAS institutions, and space analysts.

Strategy Partners Group has significant experience working with Russian space industry companies, including when it comes to strategic marketing and analytics. Participation in an open market research project together with scientists and experts, especially in the Year of Science and Technology, can create a platform to increase the competitiveness of Russian space technology and services based on it.

Alexander Idrisov

President, Strategy Partners Group

At the session, Sber also presented a report on the Sber-Space-Sber conference, which Sber held on May 26.