Interest-free loans for 100 days for entrepreneurs with Sber’s corporate card

Apr 05, 2021

On April 5 Sber is launching the Corporate Credit Card for Free promo campaign: entrepreneurs will be able to apply for a corporate credit card on the best terms until September 30, 2021.

The promo campaign will increase the standard grace period – the period of time starting from the moment of purchase, during which clients are not charged interest on their balance – from 50 days to 100 days. An additional 50 days are to be added to the partner grace period (e.g., the grace period for purchases made at the cash and carry wholesaler METRO will increase from 65 days to 115 days). The standard grace period will also extend to credit card cash withdrawals.

As part of the promo campaign, card servicing, which usually costs RUB 2,500 per year, will be free of charge for the duration of the contract. Clients will also receive cash-back refunds to their cards for purchases.

Clients can apply for a corporate credit card on the bank’s website and through SberBusiness online banking.

This promotion campaign makes our corporate credit card, already one of the most competitive on the Russian market, exceedingly beneficial for clients, as we are doubling the grace period and providing free-of-charge card servicing. It’s no secret that nowadays individual entrepreneurs use their credit cards to pay when they have insufficient funds for their business’s needs. We want to change that habit by presenting businesses with a far more convenient tool. Now is a good time to apply for our corporate card and take advantage of all its benefits.

Sergey Popov

Director of Transaction Business, Sberbank