Restaurants using iiko can now accept payments through Sber’s Pay with QR service

Mar 31, 2021

Cafés and restaurants can now save on merchant acquiring and ensure a new level of service with the iiko business automation system. Integration with Sber’s Pay with QR service will now allow clients to pay the check without having to wait for the waiter to come around.

Clients need only scan the QR code on the check via the SberBank Online mobile app. There are also other payment options, including the cashier scanning the client’s QR code and the clients scanning the QR code on the cash desk screen. The transaction fee for the restaurant will be lower than in a classic merchant acquiring situation.

Sber’s Pay with QR payment service, launched in August 2019, enables cashless contactless payments without the use of banking equipment or electricity.

iiko is a convenient and reliable solution used by establishments of various kinds: from tiny bars and coffee shops to major restaurant chains with hundreds of locations and multiple franchisees, from food court cafes to fine dining restaurants serving haute cuisine, from food delivery projects to gastromarkets. The system covers everything: cash management, inventory, staff scheduling, customers, kitchen management, finances, accountability, marketing, and more. iiko outperforms other restaurant automation solutions because of its automatic management cycle that allows clients to significantly lower business expenses, eliminate human error, and free up executives’ time from routine tasks. Over 35,000 restaurants in 44 countries worldwide use iiko.