Sber builds up equity stake in Evotor

Dec 23, 2020

Sber is buying out a 29% stake in Evotor owned by ATOL GC. The parties have signed binding paperwork and closed the deal valued at RUB2.1 bn. As a result of the deal, Sber’s interest reaches 69%, while Evotor co-founder and CEO Andrei Romanenko and his Data Capital OOO partners maintain their shareholding at 31%. On top of that, a stock option plan will be launched to incentivize the company’s key top executives.

The partners established Evotor in 2016. Today, the company is a leader in the digital transformation of small and micro-sized businesses in Russia, with every fourth local entrepreneur using Evotor’s smart terminals and technology services. Over four years, about 700,000 Evotor smart terminals have been activated in Russia, while application marketplace Evotor.Market features more than 500 business management offerings.

The acquisition of a controlling stake in Evotor will allow Sber to integrate the company into the Sber ecosystem even better and launch several new products and business lines to offer customers comprehensive solutions. In 2021, with the support of Sber Evotor is set to enter the technology market for large and medium-sized businesses, as well as e-commerce. Specifically, Evotor is going to present an innovative product, smart fiscal data recorder Evotor Power with the functionality of a smart terminal and POS system. Evotor Power is compatible with the largest trade automation systems 1C, r-keeper, etc., while the partnership with Delivery Club allows users to manage the delivery of orders directly on the screen of their device.

We are satisfied with Evotor’s performance and its evolution speed. In just a few years, colleagues have managed to achieve a leading position in a huge market, and Evotor smart terminals have become a quality standard, a benchmark that everyone is guided by. “To do it like Evotor” – that’s what competitors are striving towards, while the company continues to develop new devices and sets ambitious goals in its new markets. Evotor is a valuable and strategically important asset for our ecosystem, and we have big plans for it.

Lev Khasis

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Sber purchasing a majority stake in Evotor confirms the high potential of the market for business automation technology. Evotor will keep developing its ecosystem of products and SAAS services. Evotor has already become a leader in the digital transformation of small and micro-sized businesses. Evotor’s software for cashiers is one of the most popular in Russian retail. In the next four years, our team is going to respond to new challenges.

The pandemic has shown that if we seek to improve the efficiency of Evotor’s business model, we need to strengthen our positions among medium-sized businesses and enter new segments, primarily large business ones. We will also offer e-commerce solutions, and that’s an industry with which we’ve worked little so far. We will evolve to meet the new needs of our customers whose business is growing and becoming omnichannel.

Andrei Romanenko

CEO, Evotor