Sber and Lipetsk Region administration to develop cooperation in digital technology

Jul 14, 2021

Head of the Lipetsk Region Administration Igor Artamonov and Deputy Chair of the Sberbank Executive Board Olga Golodets held a working meeting to discuss the digitalization of services for the regional population. Sber’s digital services for the healthcare industry were presented at the meeting, and the participants reviewed the results of the pilot projects carried out in the region.

The meeting dealt with prospects for the use of SberHealth comprehensive telehealth solutions in the region to support patients with chronic illnesses, new AI-powered products and solutions, and possible pilot e-prescription projects. The new developments are designed to make medical services more accessible for people residing in the region and to make work more efficient and convenient for medical personnel. Golodets also presented Artamonov with a gift certificate for SberHealth’s comprehensive telehealth solution for remote health monitoring.

Through SberHealth services, SBER EAPTEKA, and developments by SberMedAI and STC Group, people can seek doctor’s appointments online and doctors can consult and monitor the health of patients with chronic illnesses, including arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus, as well as patients with COVID-19. People can have OTC medication delivered. The products also help physicians by automating routine workflow tasks.

Lipetsk City Emergency Hospital No. 1 uses Voice2Med by STC Group (part of the Sber ecosystem), an AI-powered product for filling out medical documents by voice in real-time, converting doctors’ voices into text. The solution reduces the time it takes to fill out medical reports by 22%, meaning that doctors have more time to spend communicating directly with their patients. Lipetsk Regional Clinical Hospital is carrying out a pilot project, using SberMedAI’s Chest CT. The AI-powered product accelerates the diagnostic process by helping doctors analyze CT scans of the thoracic organs in cases of viral pneumonia (including COVID-19).

The meeting was followed by the opening of the first SBER EAPTEKA hub in Lipetsk. An agreement was also signed between SBER EAPTEKA and Lipetskfarmatsiya.

Our health is our greatest asset. We aim to create opportunities for preventive care, health promotion, and quality treatment if needed. Many digital technologies are already in use or in testing at urban medical facilities in Lipetsk. Residents of the region will soon be able to appreciate Sber’s new healthcare services. We offer comprehensive solutions to improve the quality of medical assistance that include services that were tested in other regions.

Olga Golodets

Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

Promoting digital medicine products that improve the quality of services provided to the population and accessibility of services is very important to us. Certain projects are already being implemented. The pace of development in the future and the expansion of digital services will lead to new prospects for the region. We are currently comparing offers on the market and carrying out a number of pilot projects with Sber. We are discussing further cooperation in several areas.

Igor Artamonov

Head of Lipetsk Region Administration