SberCIB participates in placement of Russian Railways’ first green perpetual Eurobonds in Swiss francs

Mar 22, 2021

SberCIB has organized the placement of Russian Railways’ green perpetual Eurobonds denominated in Swiss francs, which were successfully issued last March. This transaction is unique because this is the first time green perpetual Eurobonds have been issued in Russia, and it’s also the first perpetual Eurobond issue of Russian Railways.

SberCIB is currently the only Russian bank that has organized the issuance of perpetual bonds and Eurobonds of Russian corporate issuers, with units denominated in different currencies. It’s also the only bank that has organized the issuance of ESG Eurobonds from Russia in 2021.

Green bond markets are growing in importance, so our work on the placement of ESG bonds of Russian issuers is dictated by these changes. This market is undergoing active formation in Russia, and we are an active participant of that. The issuance of green perpetual Eurobonds in Swiss francs for such a large corporate customer as Russian Railways proves that Russian companies are ready for such changes and support them.

Alexander Vedyakhin

First Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank

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