Sber appoints head of advertising technology

Mar 04, 2021

Vladimir Mosin has been appointed as Head of Sber’s Advertising Technology. In this capacity he will oversee the creation and development of proprietary advertising technologies for Sber and its ecosystem.

The arrival of a professional like Vladimir will position us to join hands in creating a common advertising platform for Sber that will utilize the inventory and a huge array of ecosystem data, ensuring the long-term growth and sustainable development of our assets. I welcome Vladimir to the team and wish him success in this line of work, which is one of the key ones for our business!

Tatyana Dobrokhvalova

Senior Vice President, Head of Advertising and Media, Sber

Mr. Mosin graduated from ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia, with a degree in computing machines, complexes, systems and networks. Before joining Sber, he headed the development of advertising products at Yandex, and was the Chief Innovation Officer at AdRiver.