Sberbank takes part in the XII International Investment Forum Sochi 2013

On 27 September, as part of the Forum, Sberbank will host a business breakfast on the topic "Megaprojects: Genuine Investments or a Political Smokescreen? Where is the borderline?"

What criteria is a megaproject to meet in order to be considered a success, and what makes megaprojects different from simply big projects? How should one calculate the economic efficiency and effectiveness for decades ahead, and how does one execute a megaproject in a way that the potential generated be fully released while giving an impetus to all areas of economy and social life? What should be the correlation between the efforts of regional and federal governments in implementing these megaprojects, and what balance of costs and benefits should be expected for each of them? These and other questions will be discussed by the participants of the Business Breakfast who are representatives of the federal executive power, heads of federal entities of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Russian business majors and expert community.

The event will be moderated by Mr Herman Gref, CEO, Chair of the Executive Board of Sberbank.