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The 170th anniversary of Sberbank was marked by the International Financial Conference, New Management Technologies. What Will Change the World? The Conference was attended by Vladimir Putin, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, who made a speech to its participants.

«We live in exponential times when the speed of change constantly grows. This is why the agenda of our conference, searching new approaches to management, is as relevant as never before», the President and Chairman of the Management Board of Sberbank of Russia, Herman Gref, pointed out in his opening speech. Speech of Vladimir Putin, the Prime Minister of Russia.

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Sberbank's top executive believes crowdsourcing (engagement of the collective mind in solving large-scale tasks) is the main breakthrough in management for the 21st century. Crowdsourcing offers an opportunity to use the intellectual power and potential of many people to create the future. Herman Gref gave three illustrations of how Sberbank uses crowdsourcing. First, it is the Market of Ideas where each Sberbank staff member can leave a suggestion on how the bank's operations can be improved. The Market of Ideas will save Sberbank about 17 billion rubles in 2011. Second, crowdstaffing – the search for high-potential talent inside the bank. Herman Gref pointed out that all 20,000 Sberbank managers were accredited. So now the bank's management knows everyone's potential in detail. Sberbank's President emphasized the special significance of another initiative based on crowdsourcing principles - the joint charitable project of Sberbank and the Gift of Life foundation. The first Gift of Life charity card was issued as part of the project in 2008. Whenever the cardholder pays 1,000 rubles for a product or service, 6 rubles is credited to the account of the foundation for leukemia-affected children. In 2010 Sberbank transferred over 250 mln. rubles to people in the Gift of Life foundation.

The conference New Management Technologies. What Will Change the World? is the first in Russia and second globally to be dedicated to crowdsourcing.

The Conference was attended by over 600 people such as presidents of international and Russian financial institutions, major companies, and leaders of the global economic community. The Conference included speeches by Jeff Howe, Professor of Journalism at Northeastern University who coined the term, 'crowdsourcing', Paul Saffo, Managing Director of Foresight Discern Analytics; Thomas Malone, Professor at the Sloan School of Management within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence; Beth Noveck, Professor of Law at the New York Law School; Victor Orlovskiy, Senior Vice-President of Sberbank of Russia; Alexander Oslon, President of the Public Opinion foundation.

Victor Orlovskiy spoke of the results of implementation of Sberbank-21, a crowdsourcing project. The project included creation of a website, www.sberbank21.ru to accumulate innovative ideas and suggestions in three areas: Sberbank-21-Future, Russia-21-Progress and Innovation-21-Crowdsourcing. The project's participants included over 116,000 people who contributed to generating innovative ideas and suggestions worth 43,000 man-days of work.

«Crowdsourcing means the search for both the best ideas and the best people», - Aleksander Oslon pointed out.

The event was broadcast live by the Russia-24 channel and on the websites of Sberbank and RIA Novosti.

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