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Bank Services

  • Cash collection;
  • Delivery of cash and valuables to the company cashier’s office;
  • Delivery of coins/banknotes in exchange for banknotes/coins of another denomination;
  • Transportation of cash and valuables, goods made of precious metals, precious stones between the company units;
  • Acceptance and crediting of cash collected by Sberbank of Russia cash collection service;
  • Acceptance and crediting of cash collected by a third party carrier;
  • Acceptance of cash collected by Sberbank of Russia collection units and its credit to the client's account opened with another credit institution;
  • Provision of a one-time delivery of coins/banknotes in exchange for banknotes of another denomination to the facilities of Sberbank of Russia clients when they are open;
  • Transportation of client’s documents, together with cash collection;
  • Exchange of cash for its subsequent delivery to a customer (by a third party carrier);
  • Delivery of the Bank’s securities.
  • Various ways to collect trade receipts depending on client needs and capabilities;
  • Extended branch network that covers the entire territory of Russia, which enables the receipt and collection of cash in immediate proximity to your location;
  • Personal service under an individually-tailored flexible schedule;
  • Tariffs are determined for each customer individually depending on the precise requirements, including the amounts of cash delivered/counted, time of transaction and your site location;
  • Opportunity to create individual service plans;
  • Preliminary order of the required amount with breakdown by banknotes — using the cash delivery service for payment of wages;
  • No maximum limits on the cash to be collected (delivered);
  • Sberbank’s full liability to a client from the moment the cash is received by the collection official to the extent of the sum actually received, however no more than the amount indicated in the accompanying document;
  • The Bank’s own settlement system which enables prompt credit of accepted cash to client accounts;
  • Provision of services under the Centralised Agreement, which means the client’s money collected in other regions may be credited to his/her Sberbank account(s) or any other bank account;
  • Online application option;
  • The Bank’s own cash collection service;
  • Special training for cash collection officials;
  • Armoured vehicles;
  • Control system for the cash collection process and vehicle movement;
  • Provision of small firearms for cash collection officials.
  • Delivery of cash to a customer’s trade facility as soon as it is open;
  • Formation of cash exchange procedure and its submission to a third-party carrier for subsequent delivery to a customer's trade facility;
  • Credit of proceeds (submitted in one safe package) to several accounts (including a special account for credit of agent proceeds).

Additional services provided the Bank has adequate technical capabilities:

  • Provision of client cash counting videos;
  • Presentation of information on client cash counting results;
  • Urgent collection without a preliminary schedule — within 2 hours of a phoned request;
  • Provision of acustomer consulting service on security features and ways to identify the authenticity and acceptabiliy of banknotes of the Bank of Russia and foreign states.