Payment for goods and services using bank cards. 

Bank cards are being used more and more widely to pay for goods and services, and are increasingly replacing cash.
Cooperation with Sberbank of Russia in accepting bank cards opens up considerable opportunities for the growth of your business.

Why accepting cards is good for business: 
Cooperation with Sberbank of Russia guarantees the following undisputed advantages to your business:

Increase customer numbers and the turnover of your business:

  • Gain new customers who are bank card holders;
  • Increase the average purchase amount;
  • Your customers are not limited to the cash they have in their wallet;
  • Card holders decide more easily to make unplanned purchases;
  • Credit purchases can be made on cards.

Security and convenience of payments:

  • Avoid counterfeit banknotes and fraud;
  • Less cash in cash registers;
  • Working with cards is easy;
  • Smaller queues to the cashier as less time is wasted when there is no need to give change;
  • Reduce cash collection costs;
  • Reduce the number of cash transactions and counting up the coins in the cash register.

Beneficial terms of service and repayment of funds in the shortest time possible.

Joint partner programmes for bank card holders.

How it works

  • The company fills in an application form and signs card acceptance agreement with Sberbank.
  • Sberbank of Russia installs card equipment and trains your staff how to accept card payments.
  • A customer presents his/her card for payment.
  • It takes no more than a minute to complete the transaction.
  • The funds are credited to the organisation’s settlement account minus the fee charge.
Why Sberbank
Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia providing cards, with many years of experience, and its own processing centre and a team of highly qualified experts, which ensures high level of card payment service at a minimum cost, and eliminates leaks of confidential information.