Rental of safe deposit boxes

Rental of individual safe deposit boxes for keeping your valuables and documents

  • A wide network of Sberbank branch offices provides safe deposit box rental services
  • All safe deposit boxes are fitted with modern equipment and security devices
  • All contents of a safe deposit box are completely confidential

You can keep in a safe deposit box:

  • Jewellery, cash, securities
  • Documents (about your property and education, business papers, etc.)
  • Family valuables, state awards, personal correspondence
  • And much more…*

* Please note that it is prohibited to keep in safe deposit boxes explosives, highly flammable, toxic, radioactive, narcotic, and other substances that may have a harmful effect on people and the environment, as well as firearms, ammunition, and property withdrawn from civil circulation in compliance with Russian laws.

Advantages of an individual safe deposit box at Sberbank

It is convenient:

  • The Bank has a wide network of branches providing rental of safe deposit boxes;
  • You can access your safe deposit box at any time you want (during banking hours);
  • You can authorize another person to use your safe deposit box;
  • Third parties can get access to the safe deposit box together with the customer or a person authorized by the customer;
  • We provide banknote counters and verification equipment;
  • You can choose the rental term: from 1 day to 3 years, which may be renewed;
  • You can choose from a variety of sizes: (width, 31 to 62 cm; height, 4 to 60 cm);
  • You can make use of an internal container, which is convenient for keeping your valuables and documents (depending on safe deposit box design).

It is reliable and safe:

  • The contents of your safe deposit box are absolutely confidential — only you know what is kept there;
  • Our vaults have state-of-the-art banking equipment, security, and fire alarm systems;
  • A safe deposit box is opened by you together with a bank employee who unlocks it using the electronic access control system or a mechanical key;
  • You keep the key to your safe deposit box.

It is cost efficient:

  • Lower rates for long-term rentals;
  • No key deposit;
  • Sberbank Premier subscribers enjoy a special 20% discount.

Moscow citizens and visitors may rent individual bank safe deposit boxes in over 190 bank offices in Moscow. You may also rent an individual safe deposit box at the place of your vacation or business trip. For detailed information on locations of safe deposit vaults and service fees in various regions of the Russian Federation, visit the corporate websites of regional banks of Sberbank of Russia.