Sberbank offers a wide range of services for conducting foreign exchange operations and support of international business:

  • Preparation and service of transaction reports for foreign trade transactions and loan agreements with foreign contractors. Currency transactions not requiring registration of a transaction report. Purchase and sale of foreign currency.
  • Consulting on foreign trade and credit agreements with foreign contracting parties. Ensuring the financial interests of the client in strict observance of the norms of the currency legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Optimal arrangements for interaction with foreign partners, and assistance in choosing the best forms of payment.
  • A consulting service on matters pertaining to foreign exchange control documents: transaction certificate, statement of supporting documents, statement of foreign currency transactions and other documents submitted to the bank as required by Russian legislation and regulations of the Bank of Russia.
  • Information support for clients: changes in Russian currency legislation and new banking products and services for international business.
  • Seminars for clients on the practical application of Russian currency legislation, including on administrative liability for violation of Russian currency legislation.
  • Differentiated tariff policy on the bank’s commission charges for acting as foreign exchange control agent.

By using a wide network of branches within its electronic system of settlements, Sberbank of Russia offers multi-branch and holding companies comprehensive banking services for their branches, representative offices, commercial and distribution units, including unified service terms and conditions for all regional bank accounts.

Sberbank of Russia also offers such services as Corporate Treasury that allow the headquarters to control utilisation of funds by its branches, consolidate funds in the headquarters' account, generate and automatically control compliance with, budgets of branches and subsidiaries, and automatically replenish accounts of branches and subsidiaries if their funds are insufficient to perform payment operations.

Sberbank offers clients engaged in foreign economic activity services such as maintaining transaction reports, performing operations of purchase/sale of a foreign currency in the domestic forex market, including with the Bank's funds, providing information support and consultation at all stages of implementation of a foreign trade transaction.

Sberbank's wide network of branches allows a single-standard service for foreign economic players located in different Russian regions.

Please visit any business unit of Sberbank in Moscow or contact any regional bank of Sberbank for consultation on this matter, find out current rates and use the service.

High international ratingPriority lending from foreign banks to Sberbank clients engaged in international business. A consequent reduction in the cost of foreign trade projects.
Wide network of correspondent relationsMake settlements with any country of the world and optimise payment routes and systems. The result is less-expensive foreign trade.
Wide branch network in RussiaBanking services for foreign trade transactions where the business is conducted or the company branch is located.
Professional and proficient personnel: providing a common qualification level throughout the entire Sberbank of Russia systemThe provision of all types of services related to the servicing of international business and foreign exchange control and all types of foreign exchange transactions at any sales outlet.
Crisis- and Stress-ProofStable level of customer service and support regardless of the financial and economic situation in the country. Guaranteed payments for foreign trade transactions as a result.
Advanced information technologiesPriority development and introduction of the latest communication and information search systems resulting in high-speed servicing of foreign trade transactions and related consulting services.